Don’t take Freedom in Taiwan for granted

Thousands of demonstrators surrounded the presidential office in Taiwan, calling on President Chen Shui-bian to step down in Taiwan’s National Day ,10/10/2006.

That, was political freedom.

No riot police, no bloodshed.

Freedom of assembly. Freedom of expression.

I don’t see much attention on what went on in Taiwan last week here (Economist, Vancouver Sun, 朱學恆). Perhaps it’s distance, perhaps people are too busy. Perhaps people are so scared of talking about politics, preferring the comfortable politeness.

I hope it’s not apathy.

I hope people realize how privileged they are, having the freedom to publicly demonstrate against their president. I hope they realize how delicate democracy can is, and that they will treasure and protect it.

I hope Taiwan will still be Taiwan when my kids grow up.


2 thoughts on “Don’t take Freedom in Taiwan for granted

  1. I hope so too~~XD
    But i think in order to have this come true
    there are still many things that Taiwanese and politicians need to appreciate and learn.
    i forgot who told me this: taiwan seems to be the most democradic and the freest nation in Asia. 我們應該要好好珍惜的 instead of throwing chairs at and punching each other at the 立法院 XD 哈哈 ~~

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