Gas chamber massacre crime scene (disturbing images)

I don’t know why but there are a ton of flies and bees around Gage. I mean, my room is pretty awesome clean.

Anyway, I usually catch these flies with the plastic cups seen in the left corner of this picture and set them free after shaking them around a bit as a punishment for intrusion.

But this time, I febrezed them to examine the toxic effect of this common household air freshener.

And I was shocked to find out that febreze led to a 100% mortality rate!

If febreze kills flies, it can kill you too!
Maybe next time I will do a LD50 measurement…

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6 thoughts on “Gas chamber massacre crime scene (disturbing images)

  1. 哈哈哈~~
    is this post your “crime scene”?
    i think it really is eh!


  2. “if febreze kills flies, it can kill u too”
    lol then y do u still haf one in ur room? =P

  3. kaisalin: haha… that’s why i don’t use it much. Opening the window usually does the job.

    derek: lol I’m sure flies will blend well. But if I try to blend flies with febreze then that would be interesting…

    Kaman: not really! it didn’t take much to kill those flies. Maybe like, 0.2 grams?

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