Went biking today

Been at UBC for a long time. Been biking for twice as long. Knew there were awesome bike routes all around Point Grey.

But I haven’t gone biking ever, until today!

Length: 11.3km. Time: 4:30-5:30pm.

The downhill from Marine Drive all the way to Jericho Beach was pretty wicked. I was going faster than my maximum peddle speed, and the bike started to shake. “One bump and that would be it for me,” I thought.

And a road biker zoomed past me. The differential speed was at least 20 km/h. I felt I was going about 35-40km/h, so this dude was going close to 60km/h.

Biking on the sand is a different type of wicked fun. You feel like you’re drunk. And any big turn will throw you off balance.

Weather today was gorgeous. At 12 degrees, I can’t hope for better. Ok, maybe a little less windy would be nice.

Loads of memory at this place. Today I am only accompanied by my bike.

On the deck there was a couple dancing. I wish the seagulls were still dancing around them but I was too slow with my camera.

The bike back was totally insane. I didn’t stop once when I climbed up 4th Ave from from Jericho to the forest, but I did get passed by an old dude and a girl.

In any event, UBC after exercise always seems very different. Very refreshed.

Bottom line: Everyone should try jogging or biking for an hour on campus 🙂


8 thoughts on “Went biking today

  1. try walking thru the forest trails
    it’ll take u more than an hr to finish the trip

  2. i dun have a bike : (
    but let’s jog next time together when the weather is still nice (sometimes)

    I’ve never been to Jericho beach
    maybe you could show me how beautiful it is ^^

    anyone else joining?

  3. haha i still haf my bike but i hafnt ridden it for 5yrs…itz probli rusted by now =/
    it’ll be realli cold cuz the sea breeze is realli strong there
    plus theres a mountain that looks like a mummy lying down…look closely next time >_~

  4. Yes, jogging together is a great idea 😀

    The weather will soon be too cold for biking, but you will always warm up when you jog. (Except there were a few times when I came back from jogging in February, my fingers were so cold I couldn’t punch in the code for my door lock…)

    Where’s that mummy mountain?

  5. haha get locked outside nd remain frozen~

    itz sumwhere along the beach…cant describe it here
    but u’ll need good imagination for it =P

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