What my readers want

I have more than once pondered about what my blog’s focus should be. Well, tonight let’s switch focus to the readers and see what they want this blog’s focus to be about.

In the past month, I had been way too busy to spend much time on my blog. As everyone knows, when a blog’s update rate drops, its readership will follow. Posting only 8 posts in September, compared to an average of 20 posts in previous months, the stat dropped as expected:

Figure 1. ZeroRatio page views (view count vs. Date). Data collected from 9/05 to 10/03. Step size = 1day.

The rate of decline was roughly -4 visits/day. (Point A)

This trend is even more obvious in the weekly trend:

Figure 2. ZeroRatio page views (view count vs. Week# of 2008). Step size = 1week.

Do you see an exponential decay from 9/8 to 9/29? Cuz I do.

But don’t despair. Take a look at Figure 1 again, this time notice Point B. Something happened on October 2nd that set my readers abuzz and set a record high for the month.

If I figure out what happened on this day, perhaps I can figure out what my readers want and make my blog more popular by addressing their wishes.

Well, turned out my readers are a bunch of gossipers who got all excited by this post:

In fact, some of them got so excited that they spilled over and read my other posts which were more tainted with an air of emo-ness. XD

In 2nd fact, the recent comment on my productive post from my long-time loyal reader summed up the point I’m trying to get across nicely:

Orz =33333

I guess the blog has defined itself to be one of those high schooler’s emo babble to each other XD

And the funniest thing is: when I go back to read my old posts, I also go for the juicy emo stuff XDDD


7 thoughts on “What my readers want

  1. hahaha LOL!!
    yes we want more emo and gossip! haha
    (聽起來好敷衍= =..可是其他的 post 我也很愛看啦!)

    Hmm I don’t know about this, but will reading ur blog from an RSS influence ur stats? Because sometimes when u have shorter entries I just read the whole thing in my google reader, usually I will click into ur actual blog when I want to leave a comment … and sometimes i would also click in when I wanna see OTHER people’s comments XD (eg. the last post which got me curious) hahaha.

    but “when I go back to read my old posts, I also go for the juicy emo stuff XDDD” is very well said. I do that with my blog too lol XDD

  2. lol… I don’t know if RSS readers get counted towards the stat. I’m not actually such a stat freak, so it doesn’t really matter. Which is why I will continue to write whatever I want to write about and you guys just have to hope the emo stuff comes up once in a while 😉

  3. more car-chase scenes! explosions! cgi effects! just kidding, I wish my blog stats look like yours. great analysis, but I can’t read mandarin and I can’t babelfish a picture!

  4. Ohhh it says “This is Maturity, isn’t it?”

    You can’t compare a week-old blog to an 10-month old one… just be patient with it!

  5. Oh YAY my comment is featured!!!
    Someone else may be the “best reader of the week”, but I am definitely the “best commenter of the week” XD

  6. omg you know you have too much time on your hands when you create graphs to show the decline in what your readers want from your posts and what not lol

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