Welcome to the WP family, Josh!

Josh is a long-time comrade in programming of mine. He is the mastermind behind the crawler for and the current leader in hours-spent of our TimetableBuilder project. More than just an awesome teammate who keeps the project alive, he is also an avid programmer who inspires me through countless mind-dazzling endeavors. These include computer vision processing (ultimate goal of playing Counter Strike with two pieces of colored paper), robotic arm that can be controlled through the Internet (goal is to feed goldfish from his office), cluster computing (to solve an NP-complete puzzle for grade school students), and many, many others.

Last night, after he showed me his latest beta project: a monitor for reznet quota that warns the user who decides to download more than 6 Gb of stuff in one day, Josh said “I think I want to start a blog. Where do I start?”

www.wordpress.com” was my answer.

A few hours later, Josh has www.javadocs.wordpress.com!


I also wanted to start a blog that exclusively contains my programming stuff, but that didn’t happen because my time is like a lost desert traveller’s water bottle after being in the 37 degree sun for 3 days and an epic chase by a lion herd. Not that much left. (To show you that I’m not bs-ing, here’s the link: http://abuncho.wordpress.com/)


So I’m glad that Josh is jumping on to the blog wagon, and perhaps, he will inspire me yet again, this time into tech blogging 🙂


“Someone took javac and javadoc on WordPress and Blogspot without using these blogs.”



3 thoughts on “Welcome to the WP family, Josh!

  1. Josh: lol, and the addiction spreads.

    Grace: Josh’s blog is intense! It’s just amazing to think that these projects are started and some completed by a single programmer who’s one of us (although Josh definitely has a lot more hacker in him than in me… XD)

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