My public blog about things I want the world to know

I was quite disappointed with for not being able to import my Google Calendar on here. But as I expected, importing one onto blogspot is as easy as it gets.

So I hereby announce the launch of my public blog:

On there, I’ll post things that I want the world to know. Right now, things up there include RC Events, SCI Team events, and everything else. I think I’ll also write a short description for each of these events explaining who would benefit from it, and why I think it is worthy of sharing.

This is mostly because of the sudden sense of responsibility that I felt becoming the oldest of students on campus… I thought about using for this purpose, but it’s very user unfriendly and bureaucratic.

That’s my pitch. Au revoir!


3 thoughts on “My public blog about things I want the world to know

  1. i hope i’m not missing out by not checking it.
    cuz i honestly don’t want to.
    unless u plan to move over and 荒廢這裡….那也太不要臉了吧..

  2. Ohhh you will probably miss out on a few things, but that should be ok. It’s more for ppl who are interested in what’s going on around campus la… like what the club’s doing (在lecture theater放海角七號? 打麻將?), what sci team’s doing (networking? coaching?) 之類的

    這裡不會荒廢的啦, 所以你可以放心 🙂 我還是要臉的。

  3. I had the same concern as SenLu4…
    Less school/campus stuff, more juicy emo stuff 😉 hahaha

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