In my Linear Algebra class today

The professor wrote a matrix and asked:

Can anyone tell me what the solution looks like geometrically?

A student raised his hand and said:

A plane?


Hmmm… a plane? (with a smile that says “wrong answer”)

Another student said:

A bird?

To which the prof replied:

Where is the Superman?


XDDDDDDDDDD This is going onto my blog tonight.

And then I spent the rest of the class playing

in my head.


5 thoughts on “In my Linear Algebra class today

  1. yup, you totally should drop by!

    The RC booth is going to be on the 2nd floor of SUB, in the Ball Room. I’m gonna be around on Thursday afternoon~~~~ be sure to show!

  2. cool, i have break from 12 to 2 on thursday too. I will probably pull a friend or 2 to come visit too. Hope you don’t mind about that XD lol ~

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