First week of school: Hi, nice to meet you!

I have been so pumped for the entire week. I think the freakin awesome view in my room has something to do with my superb mood, on top of meeting old friends, meeting new people, and having a timetable full with enjoyment.

I had my Meet and Greet hat on the whole week. Imagine Day with RC was wonderful (I spent two hours making balloon animals for university students — and they went fast), SCI Team training at the ropes course was awesome, meeting George for comp sci undergrad TA part time job was a bit chaotic but fun, talking dirty jokes with roommate Thomas was stimulating, finishing that med school application was more than a relief, meeting Josh at his residence: MD5 and learning about his progress with TTB was inspiring, and playing basketball with a cute girl was just plain joy.

I didn’t think I would give out my RC business cards.

But in this past week, I hoped I had those business cards on me on multiple occasions.

E.g. I stayed behind to chat with the activity leader in the ropes course after everyone left, and we started talking about RC. Turned out she likes Taiwanese food very much. I wish I had a card to give her.

E.g. I mingled with people from Comp Sci (did I mention comp sci is the best department? Oh, I did) and felt pretty at home because I knew every single one of the 6, 7 profs on a first name basis. I also got a Student Service Award that came with a usb hub/mug warmer.

I also got to know our head of department, who seemed impressed by my double major with pharmacology, and asked me to send him a resume so that he can pass it onto his friend at Merck. I might take him up on this offer, especially if I can land a job that I’m interested in 🙂

(So seriously guys, networking is key. I started with simply being a little rep in the cs student club and now I feel part of the department.)

E.g. I played basketball today (you don’t have an excuse when the gym is just across the street) with a cute girl, and I wish I had a card to give her. So I went up to my room, showered, and loaded my wallet with business cards.

And I went back to the gym and gave her one.


And my classes. 2nd year calculus and matrix algebra came like a heavenly rain after a long drought (I haven’t taken math since 1st year). Artificial intelligence completed my timetable because I just need at least one comp sci to complete my life. Pharmacology seems going in a direction I’d very much enjoy: the science of biochemistry, biomolecular interactions, and away from the clinical toxicology, drug names, etc.

And French 101, baby! I swear I smiled the whole class cuz I enjoyed it so much. I felt like a complete bum being at least 3 years older than the class but the class tickles the part of my brain that hasn’t been tickled for more than 10 years since I started learning English in grade 3. The grade-school feel of the textbook, with cartoon pictures and simple sentenses like “Bonjour”, “Sava?”, “Sava bien! Merci!” just fills me with smile.

This is going to be a good year.

Oh, not to mention there are so many, SO MANY, attractive girls at UBC it’s not even funny. You cannot walk from one place to the next without running to some.

I’ll miss this place when I leave.


7 thoughts on “First week of school: Hi, nice to meet you!

  1. Hahaha, love the way you talk about girls!

    btw, I really like the view from your place… so relaxing!!

  2. XD It’s true!

    I’ve already shown some friends around the place. Just give me a call if u happen to have extra time around campus and want to check out ubc from this superb angle 🙂

  3. sure thing, but i don’t think i have your cell phone number, HAHAHAHAHA!!! XDD

    I only have your house number back from high school @__@ LOL!

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