Gage, 2 nights in

I cannot resist but to share with the world my first 17th floor sunset.

These were taken last night. I then went to have MacDonald’s and finished a cup of coffee at 11pm. I stayed up till 2:30am to finish the first draft of my autobiography. Couldn’t fall asleep for the longest time.

And got up at 6:30am to find this.

My first 17th floor morning.

It’s nice and all that my room has the best sunset in the city, but this also means my room is in direct sunlight for 5 hours before sunset.

Like this:

And until today, the alternative to glaucoma and skin cancer is darkness (because the curtains were as thick as carpet):

But with inginuity and a side-way window sheer, I made myself a detachable sun block:

So I got my brother over for a celebratory dinner – the famous beef noodles in rez are back.

Want sunset with it?

A quick note, one of my floormates is a varsity bball player, and he brought the entire team over for beer tonight. Drunk, buff, tall guys with their hot girlfriends. It’s going to be more than a fun year.


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