I. Live. In. The. Sky. (or close to it… 17th Gage!!!)

Guys, guys, check this out.



Now check this one out.

Now ask me where this is. Go ahead. Ask me.

“Where did you take these pictures?”

In this picture you can see Straight of Georgia, the English building, part of my favorite library IKB, and of course, my messy desk which is already scatterred with my cellphone, the hat that I drew at Shad, my speakers lying strategically side ways so that they don’t block my million-dollar view, and so on.

Ok, ok. Let’s take an aerial tour of UBC.

In the distance is West Van and I think the Cypress Mountain, seperated from us by the Burrard Inlet.

(And now let’s turn out amazed gaze to the left a bit)

You can see the round building that is Chan Center, adjacent to a few trees that surround the Rose Garden. WHICH MEANS, this is where you will see the SUNSET, if you were me.

(Ok, turn again)

Directly below us is the North Parkade. I think we can play soccer on the roof at night. Did I mention Gage is closest rez to a parkade, the bus loop, the Student Rec Center, the SUB, the IKB, and the Aquatic center?

Please also note the continuous ocean view.

You can now see a good view of the IKB, and in the distance, the Marine Drive residence, which isn’t as nice as Gage cuz it’s in the middle of nowhere except drunken 1st years.

Ok, I cheated. The surround view was taken at our balcony, not in my room. And the balcony was pretty scary even though I’m not especially afraid of height. But if you are tall and the railing only goes up to your waist, you do feel a bit shaky.

To summarize:

17th floor Gage tower, which is the top floor, directly looking north west, which is where the sun sets.

My floor now open for over-night guest registration.


7 thoughts on “I. Live. In. The. Sky. (or close to it… 17th Gage!!!)

  1. Sen Lu4: I’m sure the south arm parking lot (which sounds like south park if you work at it) has its own unique beauty that a continuous 180 degrees ocean view does not have.

    Rinki: hahaha… I can show you where the student registration building is.

    Eric: Offer ends in April 2009. 😉

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