Random Shad thought: Playlist.com

When I cleaned up the storage room (where we kept rec equipment, first aid stuff, and the stuff we feed them Shads) with Steve, he was playing music on his laptop.

“What do you want to listen to next?” he asked me when a song ended.

“I don’t expect you do have Jay Chou?” I asked. I used the code name “Jay Chou Lava” on our hike and established my reputation.

“Just a sec,” he said. A few seconds later, he started playing Jay Chou!

I took an amazed look, and realized he was listening to music on Playlist.com, where you can search pretty much any song and play it on live stream. Cool!

Oh, and it’s better than finding music on YouTube in one way (that I found out right away): you can play songs in a playlist, so you don’t have to look for the next song whenever a song finishes.


3 thoughts on “Random Shad thought: Playlist.com

  1. i used to listen on pandora’s box but then i switched to last.fm~ i think it’s quite similar to playlist.com, where you can enter an artist and they will generate a playlist of a bunch of diff artists with similar musics/style 🙂 and u can build ur own radio or listen to ur ‘neighbor’s radio! quite cool haha 😀

    pS. oh man i can’t wait for jay’s new album! 據說很有中國風喔!

  2. Listening to May Day’s Always Open Your Heart here.

    I hope pandora can be opened again in Canada… I used it a lot in 2nd year, but yea stupid law people banned it 😦

    I’ll check out last.fm later.

  3. ahha it is amaxzing what you learn when you throw shads together lol

    even when it is you and steve 😉 ahha jk jay chou lava!

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