Name-tag hat

A while ago, my friend Bjorn invited me to his birthday party. I haven’t seen him in quite some time, but I happened to be occupied with other going-ons and had to miss out.

But I still made a b-day present, inspired by the most dreaded item in a party (because 1. it looks ugly, and 2. it will ruin your nice clothes, and 3. you look like a nerd wearing it): the name tag.

And the present looks like this:


Now my friend Bjorn would not need to worry about wearing the same name tag as everyone else when he goes to a business cocktail party. He just need to wear this visor (on his head or even better, as a necklace), and he would be in the spotlight. Well on his way to making new friends, don’t you think?

The side view. If you’re wondering, the beans are not symbolic of anything; my friend’s full name is Bjorn Bean.

And to top things off, I made up and threw in a little icon just as I was putting the finished visor down.

And that’s my first hand-made present!

First not because I don’t like my friends who had their birthdays before, but because I just found out about the joy of acrylic paint last month from Ingrid, and I just bought a set a few weeks ago.

So, they just have to wait a little while for their birthdays to come around next time. Or if they can’t wait to get a present, they can get married and I will make them a happy marriage visor or something with two copulating stick figures.


5 thoughts on “Name-tag hat

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  2. this is a cool hat, and your friend definitely has a cool last name XD!

    I like the bean!!!

  3. Haha~~ I’ve never seen him wearing this visor. That may be because I’ve never seen him for 6 months, or maybe it’s because he doesn’t wear anything on his head.

    Yeah, those must be the reasons.

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