Med school application

Aw, med school application. I was totally on top of it… not. I thought I only had to worry about the MCAT during the summer, and relax until the application deadline rolls around in the fall. Wrong.

I ran into Thomas yesterday and found out that application for UBC med school is due on September 2nd. Needless to say, I went immediately into emergency mode.

So I took a look at the application package, and the following two sections seem to be the most interesting and most demanding parts:


Write a concise, organized essay in which you introduce yourself to members of the selection committee. This is your opportunity to tell the selection committee who you are and why you want to study medicine. You may wish to demonstrate how your non-academic experiences have contributed to your preparation for a career in medicine. Applicants must submit their own composition.

The maximum number of alloted characters is 7,400, including spaces and returns. You will receive an error message if your essay exceeds the character limit. Note that your essay will be cut off at the 7,400 character mark.

The essay should be single spaced and must be in Arial 12-point font.

I was expecting a much shorter essay to write, because if I were the admission officers, I wouldn’t want to read hundreds of long essays when I could request for much shorter ones. If the average length of an English word (including the space that follows it) is 6 characters, I would be writing a 1,200-word essay about myself. Not that I haven’t done this over and over again on this blog already. But this blog is for friends who are procrastinating, whereas the autobiographical essay is for med school admission officers.

In other words, I must go all out on bragging about myself while at the same time use a super awesome professional tone. Either of which seldom finds its way onto this blog. But may be I still start practicing those here soon.


  • Cultural/Community Service Experiences
  • Leadership/Working with Others Experiences
  • Travel/Sports/Arts Experiences
  • Outdoors Experiences
  • Experiences Showing Self-Reliance
  • Other Experiences
  • Experiences in Rural/Remote/Northern/Aboriginal Communities

Just look at the number of categories. Wow! Does anyone you know have enough things to say to fill in all of these?

Well, for those of you who are aspiring to go to med school and who are still young enough to attempt these non-academic experiences without looking desperate, the above list is for you.

For me, it’ll be interesting to see how I do…


7 thoughts on “Med school application

  1. erm, “experiences in rural/remote/northern/aboriginal communities” …, good luck with that, billy-boy =S

  2. “Experiences in Rural/Remote/Northern/Aboriginal Communities”


  3. 哈哈… 其實UBC是要鼓勵新醫生去偏遠的地區行醫, 像是Northern BC, Vancouver Island, etc. 都有很多地方醫生不夠。

    所以說小時候住台灣鄉下可能不算吧 XD

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