Editing Relay for Life vids = omg…

My new friends would have missed a big event that took place this June: Relay for Life. But hey, it’s fine. There’s time to catch up.

Basically, I participated in this fundraiser for cancer research, and the way I raised money was by promising my sponsors that I would sing a song of their choice while running.

This is pretty much an image self-destruction project, and due to Shad’s complete time consumption, I have not been very good with updating these vids.

This post is to

  1. let me wonderful sponsors know that I am back on track with the video editing, and sooner or later, you will get to laugh at my singing, and
  2. give my other friends a chance to prepare themselves for some shocking images of me, and hopefully they still still talk to me after this.

Before you laugh at me, though, remember: this is for a good cause…

Prelude & intro

List of songs I’m singing

Event highlight


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