[Shad] Screw dated entries: Shad is over

I don’t know how long this entry is going to be, but I plan to keep typing until I have no more to say. Or lunch time arrives, whichever comes first.

Yesterday was the last day at Shad. We PA’s were curfewed at 11pm the night before, so that we can have the energy to push the Shads around and get them to the airport in time. So I went crazy signing people’s monthbooks until exactly 11pm; I think I’ve signed maybe 15 books in 1 hour? I took my time adding sketches to my autograph, that’s all.

It’s been impossible to keep updating this blog after the initial two days. Once the kids got to know each other better, interesting things started happening: there was always someone playing on the piano, there’s always a card game going on, a movie playing, some bizzare and hardly appropriate games taking place. I always had to choose between hanging out with the kids or studying for the MCAT or blogging during my free time, and without an exception, it has always been hanging out with the kids.

(So please blame Hive, Carcasson, Big 2 with an Ascent, midnight poker… for the lack of updates to this blog.)

The month was spectacular as expected. Camping trip, hikes, beaches, downtown day (bringing the kids to Posh was more than a great decision), banquets, and just hanging out in the lounge in general. The weight of this accumulation of memory is almost unbearable.

One thing I’ve noticed this year, is the evolution of teenage slangs. In my Shad, back in 2004, anything that’s good is “awesome!” Two years ago, the word was “sexy”. And now, when you compliment an exciting thing, you say: “that’s sick!”

The evolution of facebook in high schools is also quite evident. In 2004, even GMail was just started. Facebook did not exist until a few years later. In 2006, facebook was not prevelant and Shads only started to add each other by the end of the program. But in 2008, more than half the Shads already added each other on facebook and formed their little chatting circles before even coming to UBC.

There are several Shads who kept a diary during the month. I thought that was pretty sweet, but I was surprised by the lack of bloggers in this group. A Shad tried to start a blog for this month where every Shad is invited to post entries, and collectively, we can tell a multi-angled story of Shad 2008. But that didn’t happen.

Even I didn’t blog more that I would have. One reason may be that I don’t know if blogging about Shads would cause problems due to my role as a PA. You know, they are still legally minors and I carried staff authorities.

Ah, oh well. Not that I’m important enough to be sued anyway.

Going to Grouse Grind with my club later today, a move that surprised my fellow staff, all of whom are going to sleep their heads off. I figured hanging out with my friends would be a great way to shift gears and reconnect with the real world.

That goes on to say: Shads are great but once they dispersed, geographical constraints kick in. Shads living in close proximity inevitably see each other more often than others. Yeah, there’s facebook, but facebook will still be filled with reunion pictures that only included people in Ontario in a few months.

That’s why you should all come back to UBC for uni 😛

My Shad highlights:

  • Drawing a vividly morbid hat in Design your own hat workshop

  • Gaining a hero status for 1.5 hours by bringing Shads to Posh – sukiyaki for lunch
  • Listening to Martin’s soothing guitar while taking a nap under a tree at Crescent Beach
  • Teaming up with Teresa at Poker and winning it at 1:30am.
  • Looking for ties on Robson and running into the Tie Rack with Viraaj.
  • Making a deck of playing cards out of my misprinted business cards with Byron, Anny, and Polly
  • Seeing Jessica’s all-inclusive dance team in Coffee House

(Shad thought may be continued…)


13 thoughts on “[Shad] Screw dated entries: Shad is over

  1. Facebook was launched in February of 2004, but only to very limited communities. Naps make me happy.

  2. ahaha omg billy i love your morbid hat!!! lol i will never forget it! i wish i got a picture of it actually!

    i’d have to say our comic strip was pretty epic too! but thats only the beginning soo many memories so little time to explain them! lol

    it was a great month for sure!!

  3. Eleanor: I didn’t get onto facebook until first year university, which was late 2005. Only ivy league students had access to facebook first. High school students gained access much later though. Excessive sleeping makes me moody 😛

    Randii: Yes, our comic strip is definitely on my list of highlights. Let’s see some pictures of it!

    Sen Lu4: Picture added as per ur request 🙂

  4. ” And now, when you compliment an exciting thing, you say: “that’s sick!” ”

    This is where i start to feel old =(

  5. hey billy, welcome back to the real world =p
    i saw the video that randii pasted (yes I stalked you on fb…) The event looks so “sick”! lol
    I wonder why I didn’t join you guys that year going to Shad?? Do you remember??

  6. haha.. didn’t you go back to Taiwan or something? It’s the summer between grade 11 and 12.
    Or maybe you think you were too cool for camp XD

    Trust me, to capture the entire “sickness” of the month, the video would have to be at least 4 hours long.

  7. lol :O gasp! stalked me on facebook ahh! j/k glad you liked the vid. wish it could include everything but like billy said it would have had to have been hours long lol.

    and billy the pics of our comic are on facebook somewhere. i will try to tag them but i have like soo many albums! lol

  8. haha… thankfully Eric is a good old friend of mine (who looks like a teddy bear), otherwise we might need to go to lockdown mode against pedophiles.

    I tagged both you and me on the comic strip. Your notification explosion must be so bad that you missed it XD

  9. actually, i think “sick” happened when i was in elementary school..i remember it..i guess cool kid words 也會吹復古風?

  10. ahah no kidding. i think i have beeen getting close to 100 notifications a day! i went away fro 5 days and i am having a hard time catching up and following the conversations lol

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