[Shad] 6-29: they are here!

It’s 11:18pm, and the first night with the Shad here is thankfully quiet. Only a few people wanted to stay up, and the number was well below the critical point such that these people find little point in staying up. That would change soon enough I expect.

My right leg is grass-burned already from one of the random games that we played in the afternoon, and the biting pain and throbbing heat are quiet annoying.

The Shads arrived in batches on shuttle vans driven by Dev and Martin after they were herded by Steve at the airport. My focus shifted quickly from fellow staffs (when we set up the welcome table and things) to the arriving Shads (after they gathered into a familiar, still a little awkward group). Learning a few names quickly, but I still haven’t met some of the Shads yet. That can be fixed soon enough.

We did our “biotile” introductions this evening after dinner. A biotile is a 15cm x 15cm piece of something flat that represents you. Here’s mine:

And I’m sure readers of this blog will know almost everything on this biotile. πŸ™‚

The biotiles from the Shads were expectedly amazing again. We’ve put them up on a wall in the unit lounge (oh, we’re staying in Kwak this year), making an impressive display of this year’s group.

Went to the Rose Garden for sunset, watching the Shads mingled somewhat hesitantly in a beautiful setting with Martin playing soothing guitar was simply great.

Today was pretty laid back and kinky (cuz people don’t know each other well yet), but I’m sure we will switch into high gear in no time.

Note to self: I need to take more pictures! Although taking pictures makes me feel I’m an observer and not a participant, I should still take some pictures to help keep the memories alive. But this may conflict with my role as a PA, especially if I take pictures with the Shads in them. Hm.

Note to my friends who supported me in Relay for Life: I’m looking for open spots where I can squeeze in some video editing time, so please be patient with them vids πŸ™‚


One thought on “[Shad] 6-29: they are here!

  1. No update for so long??? Shad = no internet access?? C’mon Billy!

    btw typo in 2nd paragraph (quiet annoying…)

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