[Shad] 6-28: the only quiet night?

After a fulfilling AYCE dinner with the whole family at 仁和, I finally moved into Totem Park (for the 3rd time) for Shad Valley. Last time I PAed Shad, my room was way down the hall away from the action, so this year I was gonna ask for a room closer to the house lounge.

But when I got to the staff office, Darren said apologetically (or slyly?) that he has already switched his room with mine — and Dev added she hoped I had ear plugs. Turned out as soon as Darren realized his room was the closest to the house lounge, he switched it with what was supposed to be my room — at the end of the hall.

Back up a bit. I did Shad in 2006 where I’ve met most of the staff I’ll be working with again this year: Martin – our boss – is still very “politically incorrect” and opinionated and “does not care what anyone think of him”, Dev – our real boss – is still bossy and sarcastic as ever, Jill is still organized and on top of everything, and I haven’t seen Ken yet. The above quotations about Martin are quoted from Steve, a 6’5″ buff guy who is surprisingly unintimidating once I got to know him a little (and helped him move from his beautiful Marince Drive Residence) (“Here’s a case with wheels — and you’re gonna carry that heavy one which doesn’t”). Eleanor was a Shad in Carleton and she’s just graduating from MIT into Stanford, and I just realized she’s the only staff who is completely new to the UBC program. Lynn is a biol 140 prof, and she’s very kind and gentle. Darren is our math and engineering guy who was the director of Shad UBC who trained Martin, and he is at least as humorous and unorthodox as Martin.

The above all worked for Shad last year except for Eleanor. Mackenzie is one very special staff this year because she was a Shad at UBC in 2004 – the year I PAed. It would be really interesting to see how she acts as a staff member, which is supposed to be mentors for the Shads.

After a long staff meeting, Mac, Eleanor, Darren and I went into the 26 degree blazing sun to set up 7 tents that were more complicated than any sleeping tent I had to set up. “Don’t get cooked before the program starts… there is plenty of opportunity later,” I said.

Went to One More for a Japanese dinner, which would be the best dinner in a while to come, and helped Steve move. Played a game of Hive with Eleanor. Dev said it would only take 15 mins to play a game, but we gave up playing after 1 hour of struggle. The game is really fun. I think I’ll get it later (from 4th and Macdonald).

Enjoyed a quiet night’s sleep in a room that’s pretty much identical to the one I had in 2006. In a few hours the Shads would arrive, and things would switch into high gear instantly, but for now, they are just names on the doors, quiet and peaceful.


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