Relay for Life – Kaman’s clip

Kaman is very special because she’s the first friend I had when I immigrated to Canada in late grade 9. In fact, she’s the only friend whom I’m still in touch with in the first high school that I went to – Richmond High – even though I was there for only 3 months.

There was this one day, I was eating in the cafeteria by myself, and a guy went up and started singing. A big crowd of people gathered around him in the cafeteria – a clearly popular guy. Sitting outside the rim of people, I was probably the direct opposite of what he was. I thought: wow, he could really sing! And he wrote a wonderful song!

Until a few months later, I realized it was Hero by Enrique Iglesias. That was how fresh-off-the-boat I was.

And it’s very special to have a friend when I was that out of place. Thank you, K-man! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Relay for Life – Kaman’s clip

  1. WAAAOO!! thank you for saying those words =) thank you for the song, it was “great” XD

  2. =) no problem , i was going to give donations to Canadian Cancer Society anyways. By the way, I did the relay for life few years ago at Vancouver, it was fun like yours ^__^

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