Relay for Life – 全身而退 (updated)

從7pm到7am的耐力/體能/聲帶訓練, 活著回來了。


然後想要先濃縮成一個5分鐘的短片, 結果發現我整個五音不全啊!完全不想把影片貼出來,咱們當作沒這回事好不好?





UPDATE: the abridged edition of my Relay for Life mission.


10 thoughts on “Relay for Life – 全身而退 (updated)

  1. 哈哈 比利歡迎你從失聲鬼門關走一圈回來呀XD
    話說.. 原本想阻止你自殘的, 不過看你那麼high 就不想掃你的興拉 (屁)

    ps. what reputation? lol

  2. welcome back alive 😀
    nicely done!

    we should’ve a movie night to play that 100min video of yours, make be fun to watch XD

  3. 禹: 哈哈哈… 真的假的。那我就跳過你的普通朋友吧 XD 爆音蠻嚴重的。

    Gina: lol… i’m alive, but whether it’s “nicely done” or not, i’m not too sure… you’ll have to judge that later XD
    And no, even I won’t be able to watch that 100 min of unedited video without going insane.

  4. 趕快貼出來給我笑一下吧!!:p

  5. where’s the climax for 死了都要愛??? Erica should be looking forward to it no? haha

    Good job on completing the event, btw, and raising all that money =)

  6. stlc: 好樣的… 我會一片一片貼的啦。真的是… 不過貼完以後大家應該都會樂於找我去唱K, 因為有我在你們就不會是唱最爛的那一個 XD

    Eric: climax = complete destruction. I am going to save this one as the climax of this series (ie. I’ll post it last)

    K-man: thanks for your support! I’m posting the clip for you as we speak!
    Also, check this page out for what I’m doing for everyone.

  7. man..i hav to wait so long..什麼爛system啊..最好是你好話也有講很多..

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