Around Emily Carr in 30 mins

It was totally wicked. Inside the warehouse-looking steel exterior hosted a multitude of corridors and chambers for different fine arts and applied arts, ranging from fundamental painting, metal work, wood work, cement, sketching, animation, computer labs, dark rooms, and who knows what I missed in the lightening 30-minute tour by Ingrid and Claire (thank you both!!! XD)

We went into a workshop where people were working on silk-screening t-shirts. At that precise moment, I think I had a split second of wishing I was an art student, cuz that way I can buy super cheap white t-shirts and turn them into designer shirts XD Better yet, I can draw my own hats and jackets and everything!

For those of you who may have the same vision of Emily Carr as I did: long, old corridors with ancient or abstract artifacts popping up from every inconceivable corner – much like that in Hogwarts – may not find exactly what you expect. The interior space was indeed like a high school (as Ingrid warned): fluorescent light-lit hallways with large lockers on the side. A small coffee-shop styled cafeteria and a bookstore that sell overpriced items like those in UBC. And small-unit classrooms that probably seat some 30-40 students each.

What’s special and captivating about Emily Carr is the density and diversity in the art in the air. There is something very exciting about running into photographers, paintists, animators, and sound effect producers, all while walking down the hall on your way to lunch.

But of course, the scientific/analytic/argumentative side of my brain would probably suffocate if I stay in Emily Carr for an actual degree. I think a visitor’s distance will serve me the best 😛


3 thoughts on “Around Emily Carr in 30 mins

  1. Yes indeed Billy, I think we shall maintain our status as visitor and leave it at that.

    Now, don’t let that crazy artsy atmosphere sway your passion, rmb comp sci is always our best friend.

  2. lol screw you both with comp sci minds…
    why cant i be technology oriented T__T …

    aww i want a tour around emily carr too, but then im always too scared because i know i’ll regret getting into biotech 😦

  3. Whoa slow down, the two of you! XD
    David: Last time I checked, I still had around a dozen interests and comp sci is just one of them. There’s always room in my life for some more art 😛

    Heidi: Haha… admiring other people is a good thing, but regretting yourself isn’t 😉

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