Shad staff meeting

Despite the departure of my wisdom tooth less than 12 hours before, I still attended the Shad staff meeting yesterday. Great to see Devon and Jill again, the two movers of everything behind the scene, and great to meet Steve and Lynn, who both started working for Shad last summer. We had MacKenzie and Eleanor on Skype, and I must add that MacKenzie was one of the Shads I PA’ed two summers ago, so this year is doubly exciting! PAing a Shad program with an old timer!
A few things to take care of before the program starts. Need to take a first-aid course, start on the workshop proposals, and most intimidating of all, read the 80-page Risk Management Policy. I expect to find interesting things in this heavy duty legal document which I may or may not blog about.

I distinctly remember that two years ago, I went into the program with a goal to write down the whole experience. But I didn’t. And I think I now remember why that may be: not only was the program so intense and exhaustive that no amount of writing could possibly keep up, it was also very difficult for an employee to remain profession and true to his blog at the same time. And I didn’t have a live blog two years ago like I do now.

But this year, I really want to write something down to remember this month by. It’s a shame that I am already forgetting most of what happened two years ago, and every fun moments are merging into a incoherent mess of memory.

Looking at the schedule for the coming July and the list of colleagues, coupled with the resurfacing memories of my own Shad Waterloo 2006, and my Shad UBC 2006 as a PA, the expectation of a splendid month is mounting again.

First, let me work out a nice little workshop plan for an intro to Java programming…


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