Wisdom teeth

So I had one of my wisdom teeth pulled out today. The surgery was pretty easy. The doc just had to cut open my gum, cut my tooth into about 4 pieces, and remove a little piece of my bone cuz the roots were pretty bad-ass. It’s what’s happening now that’s really annoying.

I have to bite down on a piece of gauze to stop the bleeding, and I can’t spit anything out cuz apparently that took way too many more muscles compared to swallowing. But try biting on a piece of gauze during lunch time. I assure you that you will have plenty to swallow.

The anesthetics is also wearing off, and there is a sharp pain between my tongue and what used to be a happy gum. It was fun when the dentist injected the local anesthetic though. I could feel the needle first, and soon the numbing spreads from my  gum to my cheek, to my tongue, and to my face.

“Lidocaine?” I always liked to ask what the anesthetic was. This is the only local anesthetic I remember, and gladly, this is the local anesthetic that every doc uses.

Oh, I had my appointment at 11am, which is a huge mistake. Guys, book it at like 3pm, and go to an All-you-can-eat lunch beforehand. Trust me. A breakfast is not going to sustain you very long.

This is also why I rushed to do the Relay for Life promotional video yesterday. I think I’m practically disabled for a few days to come…


4 thoughts on “Wisdom teeth

  1. wow u only had one?!
    i had to get 3 taken out n i opted for the kind that zonked me out cuz i didnt wanna be awake for the procedure…recovering from the anesthetic was the best high i’ve ever had tho..i wish i had more wisdom teeth to pull out just so i could experience that again..
    brushing was a killer..i was in pain for a good 3 days..n my nephew punched my face on day2..by accident of course..
    i doubt ur cheeks r poofy eh =(

  2. I’m gonna get another one pulled out in a few weeks, but I only have 2. I guess you are more wise than I am.
    I didn’t know there was an option to zonk myself out though… did my dentist rip me off? I was completely conscious throughout the surgery, so I could see what the dentist was picking up and guess what he is doing.
    “Dude that’s a fun syringe, must be anesthetics…”
    “Here we go, a scalpel…”
    “Ok, the drill again, I guess my tooth is that big…”

  3. lol I got my bottom 2 taken out whole also freshly gum-cut. I thought it was going to be so bad like everyone was saying but I started eating almost right after anyhow…

    I’m REALLY freaked out by being knocked out and getting harvested while I’m alive. I watched this movie by Monty Python and a guy got organ-harvested alive. Traumatized me until now.

    Hope it’s all better now!

  4. Alina… isn’t it almost 1am over in SG? And you’re going crazy leaving me comments XD!!!

    My teeth got better in 2 days, and I went to an All You Can Eat on day 3 or something.

    I wasn’t even aware that it was an option to get knocked out… I just got local anesthetics and watched the dentist switch tools like 200 times.

    Getting ready for round 2 in a few days though 😦

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