I reiterate: UBC CS ROCKS!!!

Many of you may have already heard too much about my love of the Department of Computer Science at UBC. Having the opportunity to interact with several departments in Science, I stand by my statement: Department of CS is more supportive of their students than any other departments that I know of.

I could talk about the annual townhall meetings that the Associate Heads of the Department run, with the sole purpose of improving students’ learning experience (and they hold separate meetings for different demographic groups of students!). I could talk about the successful tri-mentoring program that attracts hundreds of participants every year. I could talk about the countless industry networking and recruitment events.

But today, I believe this email speaks for itself:

Dear Students:

As you know, a 7.9-magnitude earthquake hit the Sichuan Province in China yesterday. We would like to express our sadness and concern at this terrible disaster and would like to refer you to the appropriate resources.

In 2007/08, UBC enrolled 1155 (1095 V, 60 O) students from China on both campuses. In addition, we estimate that more than one third of our domestic students at UBC V would claim Chinese heritage.

Our student support services stand ready to work with students who are affected. I am writing to remind you of some of the referrals that are relevant in this kind of situation.

UBC Vancouver
If you are an international student, please go International House, email isa@students.ubc.ca or call 604.822.5021 to speak with an international student advisor.  We have established pathways to access all services including Counselling Services and Student Financial Assistance for students in particular need.

All students are welcome to seek the assistance of:
Counselling Services: http://www.students.ubc.ca/counselling/
Student Health Services: http://www.students.ubc.ca/health/service.cfm
Student Financial Assistance & Awards: http://www.students.ubc.ca/finance/contact.cfm


Bill Aiello
Head, Department of Computer Science

I was expecting to see the Vice President Students of UBC at the end of this email. But instead, I found Bill’s name and came straight to blog my appreciation out.



2 thoughts on “I reiterate: UBC CS ROCKS!!!

  1. yes, UBC CS totally ROCKS
    I was so touched when I read the email
    and same here, I thought it was a general UBC email, but no, it’s a UBC CS email

    it’s a faculty that cares ZOMG.

    Reply: WORD

  2. oh…I was like, “why the hell is UBC CS department the one sending out this information..?”
    haha, different reaction i guess, but CS does rock!

    Reply: Haha… that’s also a possible reaction I guess.

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