Student Directed Seminar: the application

Two months after the initial post, which outlines what SDS is and what my general ideas are, and two months closer to the deadline of May 16th, it’s time to come back to this endeavor and get to the specifics.

So let’s print this application out and answer them questions yeah?

Coordinator Application Form

Course Details

Title of proposed course:

(really tentative) Real projects: from the making to the launching

Coordinator Details


I chose my English name when I was 5 )



Academic Year (as of September 200 8)



me by first name


me after 6pm (cuz then it’s free!)



Student Number:


Co-Coordinator(s) name(s):

(if applicable)

Still looking for the special one

Faculty Sponsor Details

Faculty Sponsor Name:

(please indicate whether they are secured or not)

Target: George!




Science/Computer science


him by first name too


if you don’t know the number you probably shouldn’t have the number


preferred by most comp sci ppl

Ok that wasn’t too bad… wait, there’s a 2nd page:

Open-Ended Questions


What qualities/skills do you possess that would make you a good SDS Coordinator?

Time management, project management, general charisma and


How did you acquire an interest in the subject area of your proposed SDS?

Interest in developing computer projects since first year brought about the ttb project, and through out its development I realized there are many things that were required but not taught, from website design, management, and scripting to launching a marketable product and user servicing


What do you expect to learn during your seminar, both in terms of subject content and the experience?

I hope to learn technical skills important for a project in workshops as well as ideas and philosophies from successful comp sci developers. Heck, I might send Steve Chen an invitation.

Experience-wise, I have no doubt that coordinating something that I have active passion about will strengthen my technical skill-set, enhance my communication skills, and open new grounds in project development


What do you expect the students taking your proposed SDS will learn from the experience?

How much everyone learns from this seminar would depend on how much he or she puts into it, in terms of time, interest, and energy. More specifically, for example, a student who actively seeks out presenters for the seminar would likely benefit from the process in ways that the remainder of the class would not


Have you had any experience as an activity/class coordinator? PLEASE BE SPECIFIC concerning dates, places, description of your role, etc.

UBC SCI Team, Comp Sci trimentoring representative, TTB founder


Do you foresee any challenges as a course coordinator/facilitator?

Cannot find suitable workshop facilitators for topics we’re interested in (eg. what if we can’t find a PHP guy?) or inspirational speakers (what if Steve is too busy?)


How do you foresee yourself overcoming these challenges as a course coordinator/facilitator?

We would plan ahead, start gathering names as early as this summer. We could also look for students who have experience in a particular topic. If Steve is too busy, we would try other people (who are perhaps more local).


Have you taken an SDS before? If yes, which course and when did you take it. What challenges, if any, did you encounter as a student in the course? What would you do as a coordinator to avoid these challenges?



Is there anything you would like the selection committee to consider when reviewing your application?

Enough about myself.

Course Proposal

  1. Course Content

· What is the focus of the course?

Technical: skills that are important or useful for a typical computer project that can be learned quickly (in a tutorial session or two). These might include: graphic design using Photoshop, database management with MySQL, scripting in PHP and HTML forms, security issues, website hosting, etc

Business: things to know in general when a project is ready for launch, or getting the inspiration to do it

· Who might be interested in the course?

Students who are interested in learning quickly applicable computer skills or the business side of computer projects

· What are the requirements of the course?

A great deal of interest and a good amount of time 🙂

· Will interested registrants need to submit prerequisites, certain grades, or an expression of interest?

Expression of interest and description of some relevant experiences (unless of course I know the registrants well enough. Then they just have to bring me chocolate. j/k!!!)

· Do you think a department will be willing to provide you a course number? If so, which department?

Totally man, department of comp sci ROCKS MY WORLD.

  1. Course Structure/Format

· How often will the course meet?

How about 1.5 hours a week? That makes about 15 sessions.

· What role will the coordinator take vs. other participants? Will everyone have a chance to lead or facilitate a class?

Coordinators would meet throughout the summer to plan out about 6 sessions of the course, so that the course would not stall at the start. Participants and coordinators would then discuss what topics to cover and who to contact – and everyone would have a similar role. Opportunities to facilitate a class depends on the participants’ experience and interest, so it’s not exclusive to the coordinators.

· How do you see the structure of the class? (e.g. lecture, seminar, discussion group, films, field trips, etc.)

The technical sessions would be done in workshops in which participants bring computers with relevant tools installed. Non-technical sessions would depend on the presenters, but we will try to keep a Q&A period.

· Will the class include guest lecturers? Discussions of readings? Debates? Case studies?

Guest lecturers and case studies sounds like good ideas, thanks 🙂

  1. Course Requirements and Evaluation

· What are the assignments?

How about the person who organized a technical session design the assignment for that session? The assignment can be a quick application of the skill learned (write a short script, etc)

· What form will the assignments take? (e.g. collaborative research projects, class presentations, essays). Keep in mind that SDS are 4th year classes and assignments should be at the 4th year level.

How’s this question different from the above? Fine, add “at the 4th year level” after my last sentence.

· How will the assignments be evaluated? (e.g. by faculty sponsor, peer evaluated, through an expert in the field)

Peer evaluation.

· What other criteria will students be marked on? (e.g. participation, facilitation of a class etc.)

Facilitation or organizing a session can be a bonus mark?

· How will you ensure your seminar is sufficiently academically rigorous?

By covering academically rigorous topics. (will consult faculty advisor)

Remember that the course is an exploration with other students and a democratic process. Be prepared for changes to this section during your initial class meetings. It is vital to get the course marking scheme and criteria for assessment finalized with the class before the UBC course withdrawal date.


  1. Rationale for why this course should be offered at UBC

· Why would you like to see this course offered at UBC?

Cuz it would satisfy students’ need to learn applicable computer skills, and apply them somewhere.

· Will there be a demand for this course?

I sure hope so.

  1. Qualifications of the coordinator(s)

· Please include: Year, program of study, related work/volunteer experience, academically related courses, why you are passionate about this subject and what you hope to learn from this experience.

I did that already.

(That took 2 hours ladies and gentlemen… please pardon my increasing brevity.)


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