「台灣女生」 & the Scottish bikers: adventurers at Botanical Beach

I saw two Asian girls at the lodge when we arrived, and one of them came up to the commons area when we finished the Risk game.



“Grad student?” 我問。


「沒有啦,是有研究生的氣質。」我趕緊說。(各位看倌可以評評看我這smoothness可以得幾分… XD)


Breakfast was included in the accommodation, and it’s cooked by the owners of the lodge – two brothers who were super awesomely famous cooks. Too bad they don’t serve dinner on weekdays, which they probably should say on their website.

ANYway, the point is, 在早餐又遇到了那個台灣來的女生,繼續聊。原來她帶朋友兩人計畫從China Beach走到Botanical Beach,沿著海岸線走,全長47公里用4天走完,露營過夜。兩個大女生耶!


「背包只能帶到體重的四分之一,所以我們一個背包15, 17公斤吧。」




First stop was the most famous beach in Port Renfrew: the Botanical Beach. The beauty in the Botanical Beach lies within its rich tidal pools, hence the name “Botanical”, so we arrived a few hours before low tide as planned and took a walk through the temperate rain forest.



呃… 應該是Facebook吧?


呃… 小學弟問學姊嗎?

We made several stops along the beach, so we didn’t get far at all along the trail. We probably 2km.

We found these facinating little creatures that moved about so fast we couldn’t make out whether they were speedy little crabs were insects. I took a picture of them, and blew it up.

And sure enough, this thing had a head and antenna, and my camera was as good as a magnifying glass. These things covered a whole beach, and I don’t know if that’s a natural thing or an infestation.

On another beach, we found many wave-smoothened pieces of wood that mom and dad claimed “garage sellable as is”.

We had the beach to ourselves for a good couple of hours, had lunch and everything.

The rocky wall was carved into smooth ridges and caves.

With some photoshopping this would be a pretty awesome demonstration of qi-gong.

After lunch, we met two hikers wandering along the beach who stopped for a chat. They turned out to be bike-travellers from Scotland and Germany who spent a while biking around Thailand and Laos, who decided it was too hot and hopped onto the plane to Vancouver.

They usually camp, but since it was pouring the day before, they stayed at a B&B in town. It sounded like they have a great experience with the B&B. I guess it would take an open mind and an adventrous attitude to fully enjoy whatever comes your way on your travel. Something I’d more likely find on a trip with friends, I think.

They told us that they were biking towards Lake Cowichan after Port Renfrew, and asked us to let them hang onto our car if we drive by. They were also talking about biking from Vancouver to Calgary…

(to be continued…)


4 thoughts on “「台灣女生」 & the Scottish bikers: adventurers at Botanical Beach

  1. fouㄋ?? what’s that..= =

    also…where’s the girls’ picture!! OMG Billy…that’s the main point and you didn’t have it in this blog…Next time remember to take picture of the girls.

  2. Typo for “found” XD

    Hey, give the shy guy a break. You just have to come travel with me next time… I tend to run into attractive girls XD j/k

    (there is one right now in the library)
    (i’m in woodward studying mcat)

  3. Oh, talking about attractive girl, I saw this girl when I was on the shuttle to ubc….omg…she is so pretty, and I was sitting there guessing her nationality, and guess what! Taiwanese!! I recognize from her accent when she was speaking on the phone. LOL

    …anyways…we really are getting desperate for girls…= =

  4. LOL that’s the nationalism they should teach in school XD

    I’m not getting desperate for girls la, I just have a natural appreciation 😛
    But you my friend, you have been dormant for a while now… hahaha… j/k j/k

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