On our way to Port Renfrew & 一些插話

Before the trip:




我:喔。(心想:Victoria附近哪來的trail? 釣什麼魚?)

後來才知道,老媽說的「附近」是指Victoria以西100公里左右的Port Renfrew。= =;有點像是說我們要去台北附近划龍舟,結果是在宜蘭一樣。

Stop 1: Sooke

Slept the entire way from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay, to recover from the traumatic 6:30 wake-up call. Drove up to Sooke, and got to their visitor center before 11am.

Sooke Visitor Center

Saw a “Genuine Westcoast Weatherstone” outside the visitor center that says:

A dry stone means it’s not raining

A wet stone means it’s raining

A shadow under the stone means the sun is shining

If the stone is swinging it means the wind is blowing

If the stone jumps up and down it means there is an earthquake

If the stone is white on top it means it’s snowing

If the stone is wet on the side it means dogs have recently passed by

Thought I should share. The lady in the visitor center pointed us to a few stops that we should make along the way to our destination. I found almost all volunteers at any visitor center to be friendly, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic to help.

We followed her direction and quickly found the Whiffin Spit Park, located on a little tongue in the Sooke Harbor.

From Sooke to Whiffin Spit Park and Sooke Harbour House Hotel Restaurant Gallery & Spa

Met a very hyper dog.

Dad found a very cool bench and got very excited. (快來看!!超帥的椅子!!)

So we all had some fun with the pictures. I’ll use this opportunity to introduce the characters of this travel journal. Me:



On our way out, we met a random lady picking seaweeds along the beach.

After some chatting, we learned that she was bringing the seaweeds back to Toronto for a presentation. “For U of T?” My dad asked.

“No, it’s a gorment presentation!” she chuckled. “I’m a specialist in seaweed preparation…” and she went on to talk about how to prepare crazy dishes using seaweeds that my little residence-kitchen cooking brain did not register even slightly. She said we could google “seaweed lady” and find her, but her website is www.sea-flora.com.

And then we went to the super-duper, omg all around Sooke Harbour House Hotel Restaurant Gallery & Spa. (You can tell it’s sort of a big deal by its name, can’t you?)

This is a perfect example of not expecting a whole lot and being hit out of the park by what we find. From the front door 

to the main floor…

From the walls,

to the hallway…

From the awesome rooms,

to the awesome books…

From the inside,

to the out…

This place completely took our breaths away. Even the sun came out to add to its magic. Some other tourists who visited the room with us kept saying: “it’s up to you guys to get a good education and a good job, and bring your parents here.” which my dad was very glad to hear.

But man, the price tag on this little gem sure is heavy. We escaped as quickly as we came, and went to Point No Point for lunch, somewhere between Sooke and Port Renfrew. 

This is one cozy place, where four small tables (2 of which seat 2 ppl, and the other seat 4) are squeezed into a closet-sized room, where all the whispers (and probably even breathing) from the other tables could be heard.

Every table was equipped with a pair of binoculars for the beach. Point No Point also offers cabins for accommodation, but it’s pretty pricy. Lunch was very nice though.

After lunch, we went straight to our cabin in Port Renfrew, which we found quite startlingly different from what we expected… (to be continued)



3 thoughts on “On our way to Port Renfrew & 一些插話

  1. Mr. 比利
    不錯捏~ starting your summer off with a family trip XD enjoy and keep on updating your blog with pics 我要看我要看 ~

    btw, the “Genuine Westcoast Weatherstone” is very…. interesting. ahem. yes…very 廢話 indeed lol.

  2. I think the weatherstone is the highlight of this trip man! I had a good laugh.

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