Kicking off my summer!

I felt I should write a more constructive post about my summer than the previous one. I feel this is going to be an awesome summer, judging from the spectacular kickoff so far:

April 26th

Relaxing afternoon at Pajo’s fish & chips with Alina and Thomas in Steveston, Richmond.

Nice and relaxing except for the fish & chips part, because we had this to go with them:

Alina’s super special recipe: ketchup, Chinese hot spice, Canadian hot spice, soy sauce, garlic & pepper, lemon & pepper, Montreal Steak seasoning, and other unidentified spices. If you think that’s where our biochemist stops, you don’t know her. She adds this to complete her Nobel-prize winning invention:

Half-and-half cream. Yummy.

This was followed immediately by a unexpectedly wild dinner party with SCI Team peeps, in which we made, hm, plenty of jokes inappropriate for a public blog, involving watches, name tags, and cages.

Like Thomas said: “that’s what friendship is like, right? We can be serious with each other, and we can make jokes. … right?”

April 27th

Helped with the garden at my house (as in a garden that we grow vegetables in. [insert picture here]), and went to get stocked up for the up coming family trip. Went to get a pair of prescription sunglasses at LensCrafters in Richmond Center. The poor sales rep was giving us a 20% discount, but hell no, my parents killed her completely and got 45% off.

Here’s a memorable conversation:

Sales rep: “Oh, you want to make your lens ultra thin? I’m afraid that would add $30 bucks.” (was getting 35% off)

Dad: “It wouldn’t if you give us 45% off *wink*.”

Sales rep: “Er… I will have to check with my manager on that.” *walks away*

Me: “Hey look, the manager is young.”

Dad (to mom): “Go work on the pretty lady manager.”

Mom: “That would be Billy’s job.”

Me: “Er… ok.”

And I tried to catch her eyes and give her my look of death. But she never made eye contact.

[sorry, no picture of young, attractive sales manager here]

Later that night, picked up David and Jenny and met up with Sophia for a nice gathering at Posh Richmond. Meeting with old pals from high school is always great. Sometimes I feel that we have just enough things to talk about and keep each other entertained for the length of one dinner, other times we seem to find endless things to bring up and joke about. And this time it was definitely that latter 🙂

Poor Harvey though. He sort of became the climax of our increasingly inappropriate conversation. Well, I think he deserves at least part of the blame for his use of obscure slang AND staying in Okanagan, leaving all of us hanging and waiting for his arrival 😛 (so that we can continue to joke about him)

Oh, and I got a MCAT prep book. I sort of cut it up into chunks so that it’s easy to carry.

It’s Barron’s. It’s $35 from Chapters, has 300 something pages of course notes and 4 paper practice exams and 2 more on CD. Compared to Kaplan’s gigantic prep book filled with note that I dunno if I would even read that costs $150, I think Barron’s will at least keep me occupied for 2 weeks.


6 thoughts on “Kicking off my summer!

  1. Dinner with high school buddy’s always nice. Lots of recollection and memory to bring back yesterday.

    Have fun on the trip bah.

  2. where are you heading this summer ??

    is Pajo’s fish&chips good ?? never tried theirs before

  3. Everyone:
    I’m back from the trip already. I’m not heading anywhere for an extended period of time this summer la… just small trips to random places. This time I went to the Vancouver Island. Will post travel notes/pictures soon 🙂

    Yeah… those golden good times.

    Pajo’s is not bad, but it’s super popular. It was packed when we went, and it’s not even May yet!


  4. 我覺得Pajo很好吃(口水), 上次跟Sophia去的時候...餐點沒有拿穩,魚排就掉到地上去了..我不知道怎麼辦..只好丟到垃圾桶..旁邊一群貌似翹課的高中生很戲劇性的 “NOOOOoooooo”...增加我的罪惡感...薯條很好吃就是. 

    And Harvey’s slang was not obscure la~ U just like to think in that direction, lol~~~~

    Your family trip look like tons of fun~~~ T_T..I miss Vancouver…I am now alone in my apartment in Montreal…

  5. 阿珍啊, 下次去很多酒的地方你不就連薯條都吃不到了嗎? XD
    Vancouver is now radiating it’s summer sunshine all over, temperature fluctuating between a cool 9 degrees and a warm 15 degrees between night and day. Such a paradise 😛

    But I also want to go away la… it’s like, we wish for the beach in the winter, but we wish for skiing in summer. I’m sure Montreal is a pleasant place that I have yet to visit thoroughly la.


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