Finals update: self-quiz program

I wrote a self-quiz program for pharmacology. I better get an A+ on this final of doom…

I guess YouTube quality is a little less than optimal for a demo like this… oh well, not that anyone would want to see what the drug names are anyway.

On a geeky note: there’s room for extending this program to include other subjects, test formats, or even make it an interactive, “multi player” competitive game XD

But this would have to wait… my list of projects is growing faster than I can type.

Tools used:

CamStudio (screen video capture)

Windows Movie Maker (video editing)

MySQL, eclipse (making the self-quiz program program)


9 thoughts on “Finals update: self-quiz program

  1. Sometimes I wonder…why do you still have time to do all these video editing and programming when you are freaking out about the pharmacology exams….
    But ya, I’ve actually thought of this idea, just never got around to doing it…

  2. stlc:
    lol… I have 24 hours a day. Subtract sleeping and eating time (say, 10 hours), I have 14 hours to spend… and the pharmacology exam is really a do or die situation, so yeah.

    I wrote a computer program to quiz myself on pharmacology, which is the hardest exam I am writing this year. And I wasted quite a few hours making that video demo that didn’t show up well. XD

  3. haha your programming skills sure come in handy
    i want one i want one
    hope you live through your 100 drugs to remember (mm…and not becoming a zombie)

    you can do it ^__^!! add oil oil oil :D:D

  4. 禹:
    Hahaha… you want one program? It’s not exactly, er, entertaining for people who do not have to suffer through the exam of doom la. But I will keep ya’ll updated when I make more programs 🙂
    Thanks for the oil! Good luck with ur studying too!

    Thanks! This is just a little exam toy compared to other things I have in store, stay tuned XD

  5. multiplayer 的 idea 很讚!!!
    喔喔說不定還可以 incorporate 到手機或 NDS 裡面哦..
    我已經可以想像在公共場所 seeing a bunch of people yelling out drug names 會是一個多麼奇異的景象XDDD

  6. 小N:
    哈哈… 手機或NDS超出我的能力範圍有點太遠了吧… 在高手指點之前, 我還是乖乖的寫給電腦用吧(有沒有認識的人在手機公司或Nintendo的軟體部門工作過的?)
    其實手機我有想到, 因為實在是非常需要cramming, 已經到了走在路上看藥名比看汽車重要的地步。
    不過final在24小時後考, 就算我不吃不睡, 24小時也寫不出來啦XD

  7. (Just making a note for myself)
    Add an item for the summer: make self-quiz available on the internet.
    1. improve GUI (10hr)
    2. make program extensible for different subjects (2hr)
    3. build a website to put this program on (10hr)
    4. make other quizzes (eg. for studying SAT vocabulary & memorizing amino acids) (1hr)

    Estimated workload: 25hr.

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