Finals update: wall of nerdiness

Doing something different to reviewing this year. I had pasted a large sheet of cut-up garbage bag in residence for Micb202 before, because I believe in throwing everything together in a big pile of mess visual learning. This year I pushed this to another level, and used 1 large sheet of paper for 1 unit of material, the accumulated result being a full wall of notes.

I’ll let the video speak for itself. This is also my first attempt at making a video blog entry (unless we count Tina’s money-saving coffee story), and I found myself mumbling the whole time. Hey, give the noob a break. I was talking to a damn camera ok? I have not made meaningful human contact for a week…

By the way, if I sounded like I was crying in the video, maybe I was XD
I mean, the weather outside? Countless hours of continuous studying inside? Who wouldn’t want to cry?


Update: the morning after I ranted about the perfect weather, this is what outside looks like right now:

I’m starting to believe in the existence of God… and I think we can be good friends too, cuz I dig His sense of humor XD


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