Finals update: Midnight at LKB

The new, flashy LKB building closes the latest among all campus buildings, at a dizzying 1am. It’s almost 12 midnight now, but I have no intention to stay till closing time.

I have been here since 8:30pm, so that makes just over 3 hours. I heard someone talking about it snowing outside. HUH? Snow, in Vancouver, on April 18th? I was shocked enough when it snowed around March 30th… talk about climate change…

The new LKB building is so gorgeous that it is a major attractor for choosing my residence next year. But because it is so gorgeous, it is exceedingly difficult to find a table to study. So I resorted to hogging three computer terminals across with my stuff. Oh, and they are shiny, wide-screen monitors too.

So David saw my last video entry and thought I was terminally depressed or something, so he called and sent me a song in GMail. Guys, I’m ok. I thought that video was funny at places, but maybe it sounded more like a suicide note? I dunno. So this update is to tell everyone I’m really nerd out by 5 days of constant, lonely studying, but I’m fine.

So I looked around my GMail for more music that ppl sent. And I found:

i think 自導自演的悲劇is a very nice song by david tao. don’t u think so gmail ppl?
an email from a timid, Google-phobic friend of mine. She thought it was creepy that “gmail ppl” are reading her mails, so she just addressed it to them.
To which I replied:
Dear Ms. ___,

We traced the source of this file, and we are to inform you that you have violated several intellectual property laws. The police has been dispatched. Please cooperate with their investigation, as they search your garbage and read your diaries and send everything to us by Gmail again so that we can keep them forever, muahahahhaa! What do we do next? I dunno, but we get to keep your stuff forever! Muahahahhaa!

Sincerely evil, even though with a motto of “don’t be evil”,

Gmail people.

ps. Yes, yes it is a very nice song by David Tao. He has also been added to our constant watch list because you have sent so many songs by him, which led to our believe that he is the 2nd most influential male in this world. The first is Billy.

What’s up with that? I can’t find the song on YouTube? = =
K, I need to stop wasting time. Back to anticancer drugs.
O. M. G… It’s snowing harder than I could have imagined. I had to walk through a pile of slush from IKB library to Fairview in runners.
Someone needs to call Al Gore...

5 thoughts on “Finals update: Midnight at LKB

  1. Oh hey, but a song is always nice. I’ve been to IKB several times since it’s completion, once for the MURC and others just pure visiting cuz it’s so beautiful. I really hope we can get Gage next year and live in IKB the whole time. LOL.
    I’ll send you the david tao song…- -, who cares about gmail ppl

  2. Hey David,
    haha… I have the song, it’s sent to my GMail by that timid friend. But yeah, next week today, I shall rejoice!

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