Finals update: CS310 and PeerWise

Writing my first and easiest final in three hours and 10 minutes – cpsc 310 software engineering. I started preparing for it around 12 midnight last night, as bed-time reading, and I expect to get an A+ in this course. It’s that easy.

The prof uses something called PeerWise to reduce his exam making effort help students prepare for exams in an innovative way. This is basically a website where students in the course post review questions and answers for each other.

I posted a few questions on PeerWise, and got pretty good feedback. Here’s my favorite contribution:

The question asks:

What is the term that describes the following:

“Dude, GMail ate my unsent drafts and I can only see a blank page when I try to open them.”

And the options are:

8 (29.63%)
 0 (0.00%)
16 (59.26%)
I though Google was cool
 1 (3.70%)
Hotmail isn’t any better
2 (7.41%)


And guess what? My prof used this as the first question on our mid term exam:

Yeah! How can I not get an A+ if I made the questions on the exam? XD

This is Web2.0 in its finest, ladies and gentlemen. Hello, money!


2 thoughts on “Finals update: CS310 and PeerWise

  1. Update:
    Yup, got 90% on the final. I wasn’t so sure after I wrote this exam, but heck, the prof better give me 90% after I announced it on here XD

    Oh man, I should just major in comp sci. I’ve consistently done much better comp sci courses (like, 10% higher average) than my life sci… orz. (Just mumbling nonsense here. I actually love life sci too much to give it up for anything :P)

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