Earphones won’t stay in my ears

Here’s the deal: it’s been a while since I got my Krzr, and I’ve happily uploaded some songs to this new toy. However, I face a small problem: I don’t care if this disclosure of my genetic defect will increase my health insurance, but earphones don’t friggin stay in my ears.

The hole (yes I took physiology and I still call me ear hole ear hole) on my left ear is just big enough to hold a regular earphone there loosely for 10 seconds before it pops out and makes me look like an idiot.

Thankfully, there are hook earphones to save my portable-music-listening days.

But here comes the other problem: the frigging Motorola had to manufacture their own earphone!!

And it looks like this:

Just look at that connector, you think my lovely hook earphones will fit? No!

Do you think this thing will stay in my ear? No!

Do they sell hook earphones? No!

What do I do now? What do I do with a new mp3 phone that comes with a pair of earphones that don’t stay in my ears?

I recall seeing some sort of clip-ons that fix the earphones on ppl’s earlobes, which looks quite painful. And I’ve seen some attachment hooks that look like hearing aids.

Do I really need to resort to wearing a headband around my ears whenever I want to use the Moto earphones???



6 thoughts on “Earphones won’t stay in my ears

  1. Lol. you and your genetically defective ears… that’s a good direciton to go with, time to create some striking invention for your kind 😛

    but really, do they not have some kind of special adaptor/connector that connects to your lovely
    hook earphones? if not… they are bullying minority here!! *eyes rolling*

    lol. well I hope theres a way to go around it ORZ good luck o.Oll!

    ps. hiiiiiiii its heidi with defective small ears.

    Hey Heidi! I’ve seen you on David’s blog, but haven’t got a chance to meet you online 🙂
    Welcome welcome!
    I’m really ticked off by not being able to use those earphones, but yeah… I might just tape them to my head or something. XD

  2. 兩個耳朵有問題的人在這裡自爽…哈哈哈
    看來Billy買mp3 phone的時候沒有想到這個問題阿~

    當時馬上就有隱憂了啊, 但是還能怎麼辦?這麼讚的手機一支免費給我, 耳機的問題我只好自己解決啦

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  4. Hi “Earphones won’t stay in” people.
    Your problem is being solved as we speak…so just hang in there!!!!

    A new Invention by Randy Less Holmes is being produced and will soon be sold in every purchase area around the world.


    I look forward to seeing this new invention! I haven’t been able to use this earphone much in the past year and a half since I got it. I hope it’ll be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

  5. wtf?!

    i only hav this prob w/ certain earphones..
    u should just get an mp3 for an mp3.
    and use ur phone for ur phone.
    that way, when it breaks, all aspects of ur entire life isnt put on hold.

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