On my project list: Memory Connect 5 (Gomoku)

After timetablebuilder.com, I have a few project ideas lined up. One of them was inspired by my little bro, who invented “Memory Connect 5” with his friends (yes, from Sci One). Basically, it’s Connect 5 with a twist: players don’t see the game board.

gomoku.pngTraditional Gomoku

Instead, a moderator keeps track of where the players placed their pieces, and informs the players when they make invalid moves.

The way my bro plays is, is the players take turn calling out coordinates. Point the game: things get really fun after 10 moves or so.

As an addicted programmer who is also crazy over Connect 5, I offered to write a program for my bro (and then bean him in his own game!).

Maybe I will also write an AI in case my bro decides he’s too cool to play games with me. In which case I will have an even greater satisfaction if my AI beats him XD

Here’s a cool dude’s site on Connect 5 AI, with a horrendous but generously shared source code. His AI is ok; I beat it on 2nd try. But this source code would help me a long way in my own development, since I have very limited or non-existent experience in AI, networking, or even graphics…

Much cleaner code can be found here.

But TTB first!

PS. This topic and similar others are continued on my tech blog:



5 thoughts on “On my project list: Memory Connect 5 (Gomoku)

  1. I discussed this with other co-ops back in my last placement.. wouldn’t it be cool if you could challenge other coders to write AIs for games, and then pit them against each other to see who’s code wins?

  2. AI competition is definitely one of the most awesome way to spend CPU cycles. I will keep this ambition in mind when I start designing the Connect project to make sure the step from a person-to-person Memory Connect to a computer-to-computer AI showdown is as painless as possible.

    — This is going to be a good case study for CPSC 310 (software engineering), CPSC 322 (Artificial Intelligence), CPSC 211 (software design), and probably some networking courses here at UBC. Someone should pay us money is what I am saying.

  3. Yeah, if we could build an engine that could be customizable – i.e. load Go rules with Go AI similar to plug-ins… priceless. And rules would be – no help from the Internet for your AI!

  4. hahaha, this is some sweeeeet discussion here! I smell good stuff! Let’s do this shit

    But first of all, let’s all pass the courses listed above….

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