Second Dinner Time

Yes, I eat two dinners in residence. Here’s what I ate one night at around 11:30pm:


Me: ok, cooking dinner, brb.

Josh: …it’s 11 Billy.

(10 mins later)

Me: Dinner time!

Roommate: what the hell!? How many dinners do you have?

Menu: marinated beef, boiled vegetables, and some nameless Chinese noodles that sucked up all the soup so that the noodle was in an awkward place between soupy and dry. But I downed it before midnight nevertheless.


2 thoughts on “Second Dinner Time

  1. holy shit… that looks good man!!!

    lol, I totally cheated. The beef soup base was brought from the central kitchen: home 😛
    I just had to boil things up and tada! Another attempt to throw on a pound.

  2. you’ve always done that…but you never got fat…
    you stay outrageously skinny while I build up fat by eating those midnight meals with you…*swings my fist angrily*

    Oops, lol! I won’t get you to eat with me next time then 😛

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