What can I do for Shad Valley?

I wish to be a Program Assistant again for Shad Valley this summer. The Shad PA experience two summers ago was surreal and wonderful: a full memory of sunshine, new friends, sports, lax, and overall awesomeness – minus the stress of the Shad projects 😛

As a PA, I am expected to organize workshops for the Shads among other things. Back then, I ran a math workshop in which we played poker and tried to calculate the strength of a particular hand. A global citizenship workshop with an invited student activist. And a lazy tour of my favorite hangouts in UBC.

This year I feel I could do more, and do better. But what do I have to share with a bunch of eager high school kids with too much potential to excel? Whatever I do have, I need to articulate it to the Program Director this afternoon. So once again, I’m here to formulate my thoughts.

1. Java Programming. The first thing I came up with is a series of Java programming workshop. I had no exposure to programming in high school, and I would sure love to have some more understanding of the computer than “er, I know how to copy and paste using the hotkeys?”

As an ex-TA for the introductory Java course at UBC and a genuine Java lover, I am quite confident that I can spread some of the Java love to the kids. I could also contact the Comp Sci department to see if I can book a computer lab for our workshops, otherwise we may need to install eclipse on our own workstation. Challenge: lack of interest in the group, and lack of computer resources.

2. Student entrepreneurship. A friend I met in my own Shad back in the days started an internet business when he was in high school. Now his business is growing. As Shad runs the theme of Science, Engineering and Business, it would be awesome if I could invite this friend for a workshop on business startup. Challenge: that friend may be unavailable.

3. Student Initiative Panel. Many friends of mine are in leadership positions in student clubs or other forms of groups and projects. I could invite them to describe their experiences and share their stories with the Shads, which would surely be engaging and inspiring for this audience.

I would run through these ideas with the Director and develop them further.


3 thoughts on “What can I do for Shad Valley?

  1. haha, sweet, student leadership initiative is always a must. I’m there for you if you need someone to speak.

    Haha… yes, I definitely have you in mind 🙂

  2. Hi,
    How can I go about becoming a Shad PA? As in, who could I contact for application forms etc?
    Thanks so much.

  3. Hi ec,
    You should contact the program director or program manager of the campus you are interested in workign for. For me, I just emailed the program director with my resume, and he gave me an informal interview. There wasn’t an application form for UBC.

    Good luck!

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