Do you want the U-Pass next year?

This was brought to my attention this morning:

Although this has not been explicity stated by anyone, the U-PASS contract between UBC and Translink expires this year. There is an item on the referendum that asks the question:

Do you support a $1.75 increase in the monthly U-Pass fee?

What they DONT tell you is that if students do NOT support a $1.75 increase the U-Pass contract will not be continued next year. THIS IS NOT EXPLICITY STATED, but that will be the outcome of this vote if 10% of students do not vote YES to increasing the $1.75 fee.

Voting is from March 25-31 (get your calendars out right now and write it down). You can vote at any polling station (polling-stations.pdf) or you can vote online. Go to the SSC website and scroll down to the left hand column and choose WebVote. It takes less than 3 minutes.

Have you written the date in your agenda?

For more information on the U-Pass referendum, visit:
Forward this to your friends, even distance ed or Robson. If 10% of the students don’t vote YES then there is no U-Pass next year.

This is true. The AMS Referendum states: “The U-Pass will not continue if this referendum fails” and “Charge will now be $23.75/month, [$190/year]”

Now, how many times have I used the U-Pass in the past month?

Twice I think, to visit my Comp Sci mentor downtown and back. Or maybe three times, I went home on one weekend on the bus.

But in the summer I used it twice every weekday, commuting from home to work, so that adds up to $2.25 /trip * 2 trips/day * 5 days/week * 4 weeks/month = $90 / month. So the U-Pass was good for me then.

But I got an U-Pass at all only when I took two summer classes. This summer, I will have to pay my ass off for busses (or rip off from someone you said?)

So overall, I’ve lost hundreds of dollars on U-Pass since first year. But I’m sure lots of commuting students have saved more than students in residence lost. So it all comes down to:

Can we get 10% of the student body to vote YES for the U-Pass?

Keep in mind that we only got something like 7% of students to vote in the AMS election, despite tremendous amount of shameless pushing and dragging.

Apparently they care more about this referendum than the elections though, seeing how they’ve positioned the poll stations in prominent places like the busloop and such.

U-Pass, or no U-Pass? This is a question of money, politics, environment, and the lack of UBC student engagement.


One thought on “Do you want the U-Pass next year?

  1. I think U-PASS is a great system, despite the fact that I live in residence during the year. It’s a great way to encourage students to take the bus, since they’ll have it with them all the time and feel that they have to use it in order to make it worth it. Not to mention commuter who are definitely benefiting from this great system.

    I’ll try to let everyone around me know about this voting, it would be like a hundred bucks per month for a regular adult monthly pass for just like 2 zone, where as U-Pass is nice, cheap and 3 zone.

    Yeah, I agree that for the common good of UBC and Vancouver, we should vote YES and continue the U-Pass program.

    Now, a few things to think about. How many commuters would start driving and abandon the bus if the U-Pass program is discontinued? How many people take the bus instead of driving because they have a U-Pass?

    Exactly how much money does a typical student in residence or near campus lose in this mandatory program? How much money does a commuting student save? Should there be a subsidy for students living in residence (who pay much more and pollute much less by walking to school) to make things more fair?

    Also, it would be interesting to see how much more people would vote in this referendum than in the messed up AMS election.

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