Fido vs. Bell

As soon as my 2-year contract with Fido was up, I switched to Bell.

I’m not a big cell-phone user, yet my most basic plan (200 min for $20 per month) adds up to a heavy $38 or so, for caller ID and taxes. And this doesn’t come with anything like Fido-to-Fido, voice mail, or evening minutes.

All of this is about to change.  I don’t know what is up with the Bell website, but I got a plan that’s not on there at WirelessWave in Richmond Center: 250 minutes, free evening minutes after 6pm, voice mail, caller ID, free Bell-to-Bell, AND a free Motorola Krzr. Oh, and I dinged them for the earphones and memory card that would complete the MP3 in that Krzr, and a pouch to put everything in. All comes to a humble $28 after tax, on a 3-year contract.

This deal, which only lasts for yesterday and today, is so good that WirelessWave was not allowed to advertise it (or so the sales rep wanted me to believe), because the Bell stores would be undercut too badly. And I am to believe that I’m lucky enough to just run into this deal because I happened to have my crappy Fido plan expire.

Another good thing about WirelessWave: they deal with all of the major cellphone companies (Fido, Rogers, Bell), so that my cancellation with Fido and contract with Bell was done in the store, and my new Krzr started to work before I got home.

Now let’s wait and see if my phone bill is actually as good as is promised.


5 thoughts on “Fido vs. Bell

  1. haha, it’s very tempting to switch over if the plan is as good as it sounds. I’ll wait for your good news and decide whether or not to switch out the fido bill that easily adds up to 60 something.

  2. yeah i know wireless wave always has super great deals! But I guess you’d really need some luck for that 0.0 I remember once my friend was going to costco to get some groceries and she saw that ww was offering the Sony Ericsson walkman phone (which was very hot at that time) for some super cheapass money … the sale lasted for only three days and she happened to walk in on the last day (and the booth was closing in an hour too =_=) so lucky…haha

  3. stlc: yup, just ask me in a month 🙂

    小N: haha… I wish there’s someone who can go to WirelessWave right now and confirm that this deal is really off. But sounds like they throw random sales to keep people visiting, so I wouldn’t really worry even one deal is really time-limited.

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