SCI Team application

Having the opportunity to worth with some of the most motivated, productive, and overall weird interesting people, I need to confess that being on the SCI Team for the past year has got to be a highlight of my undergrad experience at UBC.

Every year, we graduate part of our team of 20 and absorb new teammates. And that time of the year has arrived: Join SCI Team Info Sessions.

As a failed applicant in first year, I have tasted the full show: eagerness, anxiety, letdown, bitterness, eagerness again, and the eventual happy exhaustion. I learned many, many things from SCI Team, some of which are blog-appropriate, some others, not so much. But here are a few that I can conjure regarding SCI Team application that may be applicable for other applications in general. Other stories will be for other times to share 🙂

  1. Do the homework. What do you know about SCI Team? What do you think the mission of SCI Team is? What have SCI Team done before? What is the difference between SCI Team and the Science Undergrad Society? Don’t tell me “it’s a great program where students help other students.” That’s true, but that’s what everyone else says.
  2. Be a good critique. What is SCI Team good at? How can it be improved? How can you bring about the improvements? You are joining the team with a new perspective, a fresh mindset. Use it. That’s what we are interested in learning. But be sure that you do step 1 first, and do it well.
  3. Be specific. It’s great that you are energetic, motivated, involved, and team-playing. Provide an example to support that, come with stories to tell. “There’s this one time when I saw…” “When we organized___ (insert event), we ran into this problem…”
  4. Ask questions. Prepare some good questions that show you are responsible, committed, and intelligent. Asking what the typical commitment is for a team member shows that you care about time management. Asking about the team structure and project organization shows that you are interested in the team, not the team’s name.

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