Suspect arrested for UBC threats

I’m sure most people have already found the following information through the major news outlets, and if you haven’t, a nice summary can be found here.

The suspect is the 19-year-old Hwi Lee.

From News 1130:

Police, and UBC have refused to release many details about the investigation, including Lee’s nationality, how the threats were issued, and the motive behind them.

That instantly made me do one thing: Facebook “Hwi Lee”, but I didn’t find anyone by that name in UBC network. However, it confirmed my guess: “Hwi Lee” is a Korean name. I don’t want to comment on the not-so-subtle link that everyone must be making.

How people will react to the news of this arrest remains to be seen.

From Globe and Mail:

Hwi Lee, 19, was taken into custody without incident Friday, ending a month-long investigation. He will make a court appearance later this month.

Mr. Lee faces charges of two counts of uttering threats and two counts of mischief. He was released on conditions not to got to the University of British Columbia, surrender his passport and not to own firearms.

At least I feel safer, trusting that the cops will be around to look out for Hwi, since I have no idea what he looks like.


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