Yeah you put that on your resume

Kids our age, we’d kill for a great resume that we believe will determine the course of our lives. As a failed appilcant to Ivy League schools, I used to be thoroughly frustrated with how pathetic my resume was, and set my goal in life as beefing that piece of paper up.

But slowly, I can feel my take on the resume slowly changing over the course of a couple of years. What titles I had to put on the resume don’t seem to matter, compared to what I’ve done with those titles.

In first year, a good friend said something that made me think: “I don’t care what I’m called, I just want to do good things.”

In second year, I exploded my campus involvement to cover VP Emerging Leaders, CSSS Executive, Peer Academic Coaching, joined clubs, fixed broken bikes, among others. But I don’t seem to have grasped that philosophy of action over title. I knew there is a difference between “ok, now that I am ____, I guess I should do something” and “I want to do these things, and now that I am ____, I can finally do them!” and I ask myself at nights what mindset I am in.

In third year, another good friend said: “you get as much out of it as you put into it.”

How true. The titles are empty and hollow until you make use of them, do things with them, fill them up with great stories that you would proudly share with others.

By the end of third year, at the age of teenager-status-withdrawal 20, I’m happy to find myself approaching this mode of thinking. I would happily choose to pursue projects that bring me no recognition over having a nice-looking title in an empty club. Now let’s hope my projects would work out fine, but even if they don’t, I would still have wonderful stories to tell 🙂



參加過不少次淨心舍 (UBC RC) 的活動(兩次夜市和這次的園遊會),每次都玩得蠻開心的。和一屋子的台灣人瞎起鬨是在別的地方所享受不到的樂趣,國語混台語,不認識的都好像隨時可以乾杯結拜一樣。也許這就是驅使著一班幹部和助理的動力吧。

不論活動收益結果如何,我覺得與會的所有人--包含大人、小孩、和裝小孩的大人--都玩的很開心。顧氣球攤的我做了很多個奇形怪狀的動物,大家還是很捧場的稱讚「好可愛!」園遊會開始時,一對爸爸媽媽帶著一個三歲的小女生在逛攤子,我和小女生揮揮手,她就被我招過來了(當時我配合cosplay的要求,用嬰兒藍的頭帶和過量髮膠把頭髮像青蔥一樣立起來,穿無袖運動背心,把褲管捲起來,說我扮籃球選手,其實心中想的是櫻木花道)。小妹妹很害羞,我問她要什麼,她用小小的手一指,呃,指向花、狗、老鼠、和一桌的破氣球。結果她的媽媽說:啊,這個很漂亮,就它好了。原來是我把帽子和花硬塞在一起的傑作。後來我追著小妹妹試頭圍,試了三次,她也乖乖的給我亂玩她的頭髮,好不容易總算搞定。最後不經意的瞄到,我的帽子她好像還是用手拿著 orz。


我也認識了很多新的朋友(就說了台灣人齊聚一堂,陌生人都好像老朋友了嘛!)。除了四眼蝙蝠俠Calvin,也認識了安排在廚房卻一直玩氣球的Lily,外表很猛做事很酷內心卻非常怕氣球的Roger,自我介紹說 “我的名字是台語「ㄟ冷」”的Aileen,和在樓上擺LE攤位、社刊排開亮死人不償命的文藝美少女團等等。(連以無能記名字,小有奧名的我都記得這麼多名字,可見有多投入。)





Second Dinner Time

Yes, I eat two dinners in residence. Here’s what I ate one night at around 11:30pm:


Me: ok, cooking dinner, brb.

Josh: …it’s 11 Billy.

(10 mins later)

Me: Dinner time!

Roommate: what the hell!? How many dinners do you have?

Menu: marinated beef, boiled vegetables, and some nameless Chinese noodles that sucked up all the soup so that the noodle was in an awkward place between soupy and dry. But I downed it before midnight nevertheless.

What can I do for Shad Valley?

I wish to be a Program Assistant again for Shad Valley this summer. The Shad PA experience two summers ago was surreal and wonderful: a full memory of sunshine, new friends, sports, lax, and overall awesomeness – minus the stress of the Shad projects 😛

As a PA, I am expected to organize workshops for the Shads among other things. Back then, I ran a math workshop in which we played poker and tried to calculate the strength of a particular hand. A global citizenship workshop with an invited student activist. And a lazy tour of my favorite hangouts in UBC.

This year I feel I could do more, and do better. But what do I have to share with a bunch of eager high school kids with too much potential to excel? Whatever I do have, I need to articulate it to the Program Director this afternoon. So once again, I’m here to formulate my thoughts.

1. Java Programming. The first thing I came up with is a series of Java programming workshop. I had no exposure to programming in high school, and I would sure love to have some more understanding of the computer than “er, I know how to copy and paste using the hotkeys?”

As an ex-TA for the introductory Java course at UBC and a genuine Java lover, I am quite confident that I can spread some of the Java love to the kids. I could also contact the Comp Sci department to see if I can book a computer lab for our workshops, otherwise we may need to install eclipse on our own workstation. Challenge: lack of interest in the group, and lack of computer resources.

2. Student entrepreneurship. A friend I met in my own Shad back in the days started an internet business when he was in high school. Now his business is growing. As Shad runs the theme of Science, Engineering and Business, it would be awesome if I could invite this friend for a workshop on business startup. Challenge: that friend may be unavailable.

3. Student Initiative Panel. Many friends of mine are in leadership positions in student clubs or other forms of groups and projects. I could invite them to describe their experiences and share their stories with the Shads, which would surely be engaging and inspiring for this audience.

I would run through these ideas with the Director and develop them further.