GMail officially sucks

Ok, GMail has done many things to piss me off, including delaying my sent messages several days so that the other end didn’t receive my emails until after the deadlines and said “er, better luck next year.”

But today I officially declare that GMail sucks. Here’s the reason: I’ve been writing a huge email regarding logistics for a trip, complete with section headings, lists, budgets, everything.

After 1.5 hours of labor, this is what the draft looks like in the mailbox:


Yes, it says (2) Drafts (2), and who the hell has seen that!?

And when I clicked it open, knowing I faced my doom, I still wept:


COMPLETE BLANK, ladies and gentlemen. This is a JOKE, right, GMail?

Oh, we’re so cool we auto-save your emails.”

“What? This one’s important? Trust us with our auto-save!”

“Boo! Blank auto-save, that is!”

“Hey, don’t complain. At least you can still see 5 words and the subject line.”


29 thoughts on “GMail officially sucks

  1. …is trying very hard not to laugh out loud but your last four lines 實在是太生動了我實在忍不住..噗哈哈哈哈哈哈.. T____T (爆笑出來)

    ouuch… I feel for that ||| *拍* 請節哀順變.. |||||||

    and this is the first time I hear someone say GMail sucks! a record! I now have a reason to continue to use hotmail! (oi)

    Wow, instant reply! Did you hang around google reader like I did? Haha…
    Was I so funny that you had to switch languages to express your laughing? LOLOL!!!
    But yes, GMail has been pissing me off in many ways. But there’s no turning back to hotmail I’m afraid 😛

  2. Well maybe you caught a bug in gmail and you should let me know?

    Maybe you’ll get recruited as a debugger!!!

    haha… let you know? Are you a secret Google recruiter?
    I dunno, I might have blown my chances with google by declaring GMail sucks though. haha…

  3. I’m sure this problem doesn’t just exist in GMail..and normally Gmail’s pretty good with this kind of situation. I still prefer GMail a lot more than other email services, and they definitely have the best mail search function, along with a non-html template that makes mail reading so much faster.

    Yes, I did say there’s no turning back once you get a gmail account.
    I think stlc is scoring a position at Google =P

  4. This has happened to me two days in a row. I found a way around it though. The key is that the preview of the message appears in the Drafts folder. That told me that the message is still there, somewhere… but that there’s a problem with displaying the message via the Compose view. So go ahead and click the Draft, bringing up the Compose view. It will look like the message is blank… but click the “Print All” icon on the right-hand side of the screen. It should bring up a page showing each saved draft of the message, all in a row. Just copy+paste the version of the message at the bottom of the screen, which is the most recently saved draft. You might have lost a few minutes of the message (due to a lag in auto-save), but you should be able to save most of it – especially if you’d already been typing it for such a long time.

    Personally, I type everything that I submit to a web-based form in Notepad or similar… then paste it into the form. In the case of a comment form like this, I typically copy+paste the message before clicking the Submit button. Web apps screw up all the time, just like things screw up all the time in the non-digital world.

    So the moral of the story is… don’t trust designers.

    OH MAN, THIS ACTUALLY WORKS!!! You are a hero 😀
    I did think about the possibility of the data actually existing, just not displaying, but I gave up too early and instead of “print all”, I went away and blogged.
    Although, I’m now back from the trip, and that google-eaten message only has sentimental values.
    I do the same thing when I post comments as well, because alas, web apps inherently suck. (Instability of the internet/connection may be why these things are so less reliable than our trusted notepad.)

  5. Help…Gmail eats-up my words/letters while I type. I have tried several times and found this issue repeateadly.
    Thoughts, Comments, ….

  6. Yes – Agreed – GMAIL is the Worst – All its good for is creating false email addresses and spoofing around – Their is not REAL support and if you need urgent response to serious email queries you get the click here loop dah loop to nowhere sudo tech support – Its a real joke and a laugh – I am sure yahoo is gonna knock them back too where they came from soon with MS involvement – Seems too be the consensus in IT discussions – Just try resolve a tech email problem with GMAIL – Good Luck

  7. The biggest problem is that every other day or two I can’t access my inbox. Then after a day or two wait, I can actually read my mail! Then , you guessed it………can’t read my mail again. Btw, you do go around and around like a dog chasing his tail trying to reach tech support. Absolutely impossible. Yup. Ad Gmail, to the list of crappy stuff that is poorly designed and nobody at Google cares. It’s about the ads……..not about service.

  8. Gmail not only sucks, it does not exist anymore! I cannot bring it up on my main computer at home anymore! It has vanished completely. My lap top is configured with it on Outlook Express but I have not tried there yet. I doubt it will be there anymore. They have serious issues. Don’t waste your time and delete it from your computer. I hear they are a spy for the US government also. Hah, how can they spy if they do not exist?

  9. I checked my lap top, it does not exist there anymore either. They have lost all contact with the world thank god! A bunch of pricks for sure anyway. Good riddance!

  10. I just love Gmail’s column sort…oh wait…they decided that wasn’t important and that I just needed to re-learn how to read my emails. I guess I’ve been doing it wrong all these years. IDIOT!!! Why can’t I ever learn?

    That’s why I have stuck with my yahoo account for a decade now.

  11. I’m not sure if I understand Richard’s frustration… GMail is accessed through a web browser; unless you are talking about a desktop client?

    GMail has been behaving for a while now, save for some occasional out-of-service glitches that could have been catastrophic if I was in a hurry to find something in my inbox but thankfully weren’t. As for the column sort, I haven’t used yahoo in the past decade so I don’t know what I’m missing 🙂

  12. Gmail cost me a $5000 profit business deal today by making me wait 24 hrs for access to my account just because I forgot my new pssword (1st time ever).
    What’s the best non-juvenile, simplex, professional style free email service? I’m 47 and while I think gmail is cute, it’s geared more torward very young sheeple.
    I need secure email with instant pasword recovery WITHOUT a secondary email

  13. i agree gmail has turned into an obliterated diarrhea mess of a system, and even though i say im over thirteen it still gives me shit about child protection services.
    and the remembering password thing is bullshit to.
    im making a new email, for my gmail one is just so shitty i cant take it anymore

  14. I can not believe it, I thought my internet was slow as shit. No thats the problem gmail just sucks rocks. Worst piece of shit I have ever seen. It was slow do you know why because I had email CHAT LOGS, it simply could not handle it, what a pathetic piece of software.

  15. People,

    GMail is a POS, plain and simple…I am having problems typing an email sometimes it lags sometimes when I am typing it leaves out letters…I dont have any problem with my PC on any other Email program except for Gmail…All Google is good for is the Search Engine and Navigation !!!

  16. I have used gmail for years, and just recently started having problems. I have finally opened another email account. I just got sick and tired of seeing ” still working” when trying to open for send mail.Opening pictures was even worse. At first I thought it was my computer , but now when I want speeding email delivery I use Yahoo.. I will still keep my gmail open for a while, but what it is waiting for it to even open….

  17. G_MAIL sucks , why have it if it won’t load , nearly as bad as old excite account ,
    too much garbage now , Google … take out the trash

  18. Gmail is no longer accepting my password. The only logical explanation is that someone took over my account. I tried their “change my password” option, and I tried to fill out their online form, but my information is not being accepted. They don’t have a number for tech support. Whoever got into my account could be sending inappropriate messages to my contacts, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

  19. Who was the idiot at Gmail who decided I needed to be able to manually cycle between ads but didn’t need a NEXT button so I read my my without going into the inbox every time?

  20. Gmail totally sucks. I was an early adopter and loved it so I got all my friends to sign up! Now that I’ve promoted them, my account no longer works. My inbox won’t load, and my screen constantly freezes when I’m trying to send messages, so a simple 2 word reply can end up taking 5 minutes.

    I wrote them a letter asking them to switch me to a different server since I heard this can resolve some gmail issues. They blew me off. : (

  21. Gmail has turned out to be the slowest, non-responsive piece of shit email provider I’ve ever used. It won’t accept my password, won’t accept a new password and the “dick-head” forms they want you to fill out to smooth over their abortion of an email system are a fucking joke. The creators/techs must be spending too much time jerking each other off and not enough time giving a FUCK about their support base. I quit recommending gmail a long time ago.
    I offer a voluntary personal protein spill to!!!

  22. Yes GMAIL has made my SUCKS list. Over the past year it has gone down hill to the point of useless. It will not load up, hangs up when it dows load up, phone calls drop, emails are not sent, etc… Two different computers. I am over seas and I will no longer deal with Gmail. back to hotmail and yahoo. Gmail

    haha good luck sending me an email.

  23. Slowly gmail has been going down the web 2.0 pit. It gets uglier and less useful. But I put up. Too many accounts, can’t switch now, you know?
    But now…. The changed the way you compose emails to the most idiotic format ever. A window you can move stuck to the bottom right corner of your screen. All the features are hidden, like they think everyone only writes 2 line emails. Damn it Google, why? It’s like they are trying to drive me away. Well, you did it Google, by God, you f***ing did it.

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