Budget Whistler trip: accommodation

Planning a Whistler trip. Last time we went to an ultra-cheap place called “The Fireside Lodge“, which was awesome by all accounts. Sauna, kitchen, ski storage, shower, living room with nice big couches and a fireplace, and the best of all, at a rate of Dorm: $35 per person, Rooms: From $90 to $130 for 2 to 4 people.

Such an awesome deal didn’t last. This year, it was fully booked a month or two ahead of time. So we had to look elsewhere, and we found “Whistler Resort and Club“, by searching “cheap whistler motels”.

It offers a variety of rooms, but we only managed to book hotel rooms for $138/night.

Now, that looks like a pleasantly spacious, well maintained, well furnished room. This place also has hot tub (I think they took three pictures of the same pool and labeled them: hot tub, jacuzzi, spa) and sauna. However, I don’t see kitchen mentioned, which is a little disappointing.

I also don’t know where this place is. In the words of Whistler Resort and Club,


We’re just far enough off the highway in Whistler Creek, next to Nita Lake. Walk to Whistler Mountain’s high speed gondola, local buses, and more. Our local restaurants are some of the best in Whistler. Whistler Creekside’s new developments include the Creekside Market for all your groceries, Starbucks for an espresso beverage, a Subway sandwich shop, a Scotia Bank, and more, only a few steps walk away. And yet, we are in a quiet residential neighbourhood. Enjoy our relaxing setting with all the excitement of Whistler Village just a few minutes away.

From the experience with Fireside Lodge, I expect the walk to the lift to be quite physically challenging. Hmmm… twenty minutes fighting with the snow in ski boots = fun.

They also offer discount ski lift tickets, so make sure you check it out here.


One thought on “Budget Whistler trip: accommodation

  1. I luv how you said 3 pics of the same pool…pfahahahhahaha! That’s hilarious!

    So I suppose we will be getting off the bus at Creekside then?

    Well in case we are cheaped out with the pool, there’s always a lovely lake to swim in 😀

    I’m going to look into the location of this place, but yes, I think it’s close to Creekside.
    I think I’ll pass the lake and stay in the jacuzzi/hot tub/spa pool though… the lake probably has ice floating on it =_=..

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