Video Editing is pretty dam hard

I filmed a few clips that I’d love to share, but I need to learn to edit them first. I just need to add subtitles, clip the videos, and have some corny transition effects. Maybe it would be nice to be able to add sounds effects, change play speed, etc.

But dude, I did not expect to spend an hour in vain trying to find a video editor that lets me to subtitles! I mean, how hard can it be? Windows Media Player doesn’t seem to do it, either does Nero Vision…

If anyone knows, please let me know. As an incentive, I will give you a hint about the video clips: it involves someone trying to save some money by reusing a used coffee cup.


One thought on “Video Editing is pretty dam hard

  1. lol i was just adding subtitles to my videos a few days ago.. but i gave up since the program was too complicated to use -_-

    I’m getting some expert advise (from my brother!?) and if I get any breakthrough, I will update everyone on it 🙂

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