Freestyle Poker

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

Throughout the New Year’s week, we usually gather and gamble with our family for fun. And as you could imagine, there’s none of that on campus.

So believe it or not, I had a dream about gambling, and in the dream, I “learned” a totally new gambling game: the Freestyle Poker. (Everyone does that right? Learn new things in their dreams as if someone else is teaching you?)

The game is quite complex, and I have no idea how well it works in the real world. But perhaps you can help me refine it, if it’s rescuable at all. Basically, it’s Texas Hold’em with a twist: players pair up to play against each other, until one of the players in a pair loses:

  1. Players sit in a circle, one player is the dealer (like regular poker)
  2. Each player bets however much s/he wants, starting from the dealer’s left,
  3. Every player is dealt with two cards, starting from the dealer’s left
  4. And starting from the dealer, each player can challenge another player,
  5. If the challenged player accepts the challenge, then the pair of challenging and challenged players must match the higher bid between the pair,
  6. If the challenged player declines the challenge, then s/he loses his/her bid to the challenging player, who seeks the next challenger
  7. After everyone is either engaged in a challenge pair, denied a challenge and lose the bet, or a single lone player is left without a pair (who gets to sit in for the next round), 3 communal cards will be dealt open on the table,
  8. Each player, starting from the dealer’s left, can make a bet that the other player in his/her pair has to match, or lose his/her bet,
  9. If a player of a pair denies a bet, then s/he loses the bet. The new lone player has to challenge other lone players, who has to match the entire pot,
  10. Two more communal card will be deal, and step 8, 9 repeated after dealing each card.

Ok, that’s pretty complex.

Did I really learn that in my dream?

Yeah. Although I forced myself to wake up after someone in my dream challenged me into a player-pair, because I thought: what a great game! I must wake up to remember it!

P.S. Do you think “Paired Poker” is a more suitable name?


One thought on “Freestyle Poker

  1. Wow! We should play that game sometime 😀

    zeroratio:Yes, we should! We need at least 4-5 ppl to make a good game though.

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