New UBC Threat

Many of us are getting frustrated because we were still not informed about the details of last week’s incident, but my dad offered an interesting point: the police may be using the lack of information as a tool to lurk out the person behind the threats, because if any information about the specifics of the threat leaks out, it has a good chance of being originated by the person behind the threat or people close to him/her.

But this tactic, if it was a tactic at all, doesn’t seem to be working.

Everyone received an email about a new threat indicating that the threat from last week would be carried out tomorrow. This threat is not as specific about the place and time as the last one, so we are just going to have be more “vigilant” (President of UBC taught me a new word today).

I don’t know about you, but I can’t make up my mind on how to feel about the whole situation. I guess the seriousness of it is hard to comprehend, especially when everything else around me is ticking away at their usual speed: lab report and paper due, midterm coming up, event to facilitate, trips to plan… The idea of terrorism (did I say the ka-boom word?) seems too foreign to be real. Not that I am categorizing the recent events as such… As Wikipedia defines,

Terrorism, in the modern sense, is violence, the threat of violence, or other harmful acts committed for political or ideological goals.

I don’t think the UBC threats are for political or ideological goals, so strictly speaking, the threats may not constitute terrorism per se. But the intent of creating terror seems much more conspicuous when they announced that harm would be carried out, one week after the biggest police action UBC has seen. It tells you a few things: 1. the police hasn’t caught them. 2. they are not afraid of the police. 3. they want the campus to be terrified.

But if I put on my rational hat, I can convince myself that it would be ok tomorrow. The police would be prepared. If there are any progress, they would lock the place down again.

I think I will bring my laptop and check for emails religiously though.

* * *

I want to mention that the police are urging the person responsible to call in and to get counselling, an appreciable effort to prevent a tragedy, before they have to contain one.


4 thoughts on “New UBC Threat

  1. Even though I’m on Co-op right now, so away from the threat in UBC, I still can’t help but to worry about it. There is the chance that the lack of information is a tactic, but wouldn’t it seem like a gamble? I hope everyone on campus remains safe throughout the day.

  2. I’m a grad student and I actually work in the BioSci building. As much as I would like to be careful and be “vigilant” (but at the same time not knowing exactly what to look out for), it’s impossible to keep this up every single week. What happens if a 3rd threat is sent in? Are they going to keep canceling classes? I wonder if this is going to end up as a “The Boy who Cries Wolf” scenario. That would be scary, because something really could happen and we would be unconcerned due to the previous (uneventful) threats.

  3. stlc:
    I don’t quite catch how a lack of information release be a gamble. Perhaps you mean that not releasing information will put the public in a greater risk?
    As far as I can tell, everything is fine today.

    I’m sure many of us think the same thing. Seems like someone has a pretty secure emailing system that the police is having a hard time tracing.
    I am already quite unconcerned, not looking over my shoulder too many times today, but I’m not sure how many more threats it would take for me to become “immune” and completely unconcerned by the threats though.

  4. I’m sure that it doesn’t take too many times to become “immune.” A few of my fellow grad students didn’t even care about the recent email/warning and went down to BioSci to work on their experiments anyway. I know a few profs who are personally quite ticked off by all of this and pretty much refer to this as “the modern-day fire alarm” in that it’s just a method for a student to get out of exams or whatnot.

    I personally think that if there was a threat, it could happen any day, any time. There’s not much to prevent something like what happened down in Columbine, unfortunately. UBC has a really bad communications system, and I know from experience from last Wednesday. I think UBC and the RCMP really are trying their best though, considering how big the campus is and how widespread the students are.

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