After UBC Lockdown: rumors and traffic fever

UBC Campus

All is well today, save for a few police siren disturbances scattered through out the night and in the morning, which we used to associate with Totem fire alarms.

No one was hurt, but everyone is confused. What caused the police action? What is being done about it? Are we safe on campus? What is going on?

I personally feel like it’s a normal day. Went to a career fair, went to a project meeting, went to class, now wasting time on my blog. This is probably because I didn’t see the police and their automatic weapons, and the ambulances that waited a few blocks away “just in case”, and the helicopter zooming around. For those who did see these, or those who had to be escorted out of the Bio Building by the SWAT team after being locked down for 3, 4 hours longer than the rest of the campus, today would probably not be normal.

Rumors all around campus. I thought about not listing them, because as a science student, I’m trained to cite only dependable, primary references. But I think if I put a big enough disclaimer, listing the rumors can be justified as showing the level of uncertainty and fear:

* * * THESE ARE RUMORS * * *

First there was the “bomb threat”, which was quickly dismissed because people were locked down inside the building. Similar things go to the chemical/biological spill theory. In fact, many of us recognize the lockdown was a standard procedure for a gunman incident.

Some people suggested “this was all a drill”

Some people said they saw police air-dropping from helicopters.

Some people said the police and media were informed about this incident in the late morning, and put off the response until the “deadline” in the threat.

Someone made the connection to the activists vandalism last month.

Some said it had something to do with animal testing in Bio building.

Someone said the threat originated from the SUB.

My favorite theory: someone was upset that UBC was the only school that didn’t get a snow day on Tuesday, so they decided to make one.

* * * RUMORS END * * *

The police has confirmed that the incident was caused by a serious threat to harm others, and we still wait for more information.

My Blog

And I was worrying that I will never reach my record-high traffic of 142 when I first announce the existence of ZeroRatio to my friends.

Google apparently likes my last blog entry, and ranked it first for the search “ubc lockdown”, which resulted in an influx of just over 1,000 visitors who typed some variation of the search term.

I suspect the impossible Google ranking also attracted the attention of ScienceDave of NowPublic, as he posted a link to my blog and sent me almost 700 visitors. I noticed that and posted a link back to his page, and sent him a humble 130 visits.

Just that one single post, with the right title at the right time, attracted over 2,100 page views, and spilled over hundreds of views to my other posts and pages. Total traffic to my blog yesterday totaled 2,800. A good twenty-fold record-break.

Along with the power of Google, the post wore the “hawt post” crown on WordPress frontpage a few times, and made this blog “the fastest growing blog“. And my favorite effect: it make my previous month of traffic look like nothing.

All of this because of writing one single post that Google liked. Now you believe Google will take over the world.

zeroratio-hawt-post-2.jpg dashboard-stat-board-fastest-growing-blog.jpg huge-peak01.jpg


8 thoughts on “After UBC Lockdown: rumors and traffic fever

  1. “a serious threat to harm others”, I thought that you guys don’t have guns over there? Did the guy have a ball bat?

  2. lol ******* 你紅了你紅了!!!

    and you know “someone was upset that UBC was the only school that didn’t get a snow day on Tuesday, so they decided to make one.” that was actually wut came to my mind as well!!! but yeah.. i’m glad that everyone is safe… this world is so messed up…

    紅了就要開始戴墨鏡/棒球帽/刪真名啦 😛
    I predict the influx of traffic to diminish, and by the end of this week, go back to a baseline of around 30-50. Just thought the power of a single post was interesting to keep a record of.

  3. 昨天我都懶的再貼comment了. 整個blog都擠滿了.
    I was wondering how the hell you suddenly have all this random ppl visiting your blog, and found out about the google effect.
    Pretty sweet man, now you have something now to talk about in your traffic experiment. It’s definitely one of those “right keyword + post at the right timing” effect for that post, and it’s quite amazing!

  4. ohoh! I just did the google search again on the search term “UBC lockdown”, and my post is right after yours! That’s why I had about 90 visit to my blog yesterday, not significant comparing to your 2800, but before that the highest traffic was when the 藍顏知己 blog, with about 40 something.

  5. Haha… good thing I terminated the experiment earlier this week, otherwise my data set would have been thrown off by this influx anyway.

    That goes to speak for the transparency of blogs… you might think that only friends are reading yours, but you can never know who might stumble across it unless you set it to be private and unsearchable.

    The traffic fever is calming down significantly. It would be interesting to see if any of this traffic will become regular visits to this blog 🙂

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