Commenting and Blog Traffic Experiment (Week 2)

It’s Friday, and we all know what that means: it’s the start of Week 2 of the Commenting and Blog Traffic Experiment! (fine, I am probably the only one who remembers the existence of this experiment )

Below is the summary of Week 1 (no commenting on other blogs):


As you can see, my blog traffic is on a continued decline, kinda like the US stock market in the past few days. Since Friday isn’t over yet, I suspect that the total page views will climb up to somewhere around 15.

The decline may be attributed to the visitors getting busy with school or work, or they’ve read the blog once and that’s enough time-waste for a while. New visitors may also view more pages than returning visitors, who only look for newest posts to read.

I will now start Week 2 of the experiment, picking and commenting on 1 new blog every day. This is pretty exciting for me; hopefully it will turn the decline around and end my week-long misery of watching my blog dwindle.

More on the experiment next Friday then!


4 thoughts on “Commenting and Blog Traffic Experiment (Week 2)

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  2. I’ll be interested to see the coming results. I think this experiment could be an eye-opener for bloggers and I included it in one of my posts as a link. I hope this is ok with you.
    Sabine Pyrchalla

  3. Hi Sabine, sure! You are more than welcomed to link to my posts. Thanks for showing an interest in my little experiment. I hope the result would be equally interesting 🙂

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