Commenting and Blog Traffic – an experiment

I will test the hypothesis that commenting on other people’s blogs increase visibility of, and thus increase traffic to, my own blog.


  1. For week one, I will not visit nor comment on any new blog.
  2. Week two, I will visit and comment on a post of 1 blog that I have not seen before every day.
  3. Week three, 2 blogs every day.
  4. Week four, 4 blogs everyday.
  5. Week five, back to 0 blog.
  6. Week six, still 0 blog.
  7. Average overall traffic to my blog for each week, and compare the average (and standard deviation, etc).

I chose to do this over the course of a week because there may be significant fluctuation in overall traffic throughout the week.

Week five and six is to show that how sustainable the traffic is after discontinued commenting.

I will read the post in entirety and write a meaningful, 2-line response to it. I will pick a post at random, using WordPress’ “random post” function. I will find which ever blog on that interest me. I don’t think there’s a “random blog” function 😦

More about this experiment on next Friday morning then!


5 thoughts on “Commenting and Blog Traffic – an experiment

  1. Hmm I feel that you will end up accepting the hypothesis (that commenting on ppl’s blogs increases traffic to your own), from my experience with facebook.

  2. Yeah, I expect to find that too. I am also interested to find out how long this increase in traffic will last, and perhaps compare the effectiveness of leaving comments to other means of traffic generation in the future, such as blogging about other people’s blogs (called ping back or track back)

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