Guess what you find if you Google this?

Someone found this website by searching “God requires our intense attention“.

Try Googling that before it’s too late.

Here’s what I found: god-requires-our-intense-attention.png

* * *

That raised a few question for me:

  1. Who would Google something like that? A student who has to hand in a paper with this thesis tomorrow? Someone who suddenly had that idea about God, and wanted to see who agrees with her?
  2. Is she religious or atheist? The search term itself sounds atheist to me: God “requires” our attention? You don’t pay attention to God; you follow Him. It sounded like God is a mischievous child who we always need to keep an eye on. An intense eye too.
  3. Did she find my random, unfinished story to be a satisfying response to her remarkable inquiry?

Judging from a lack of comment, this unknown guest quite possibly cursed about falling into this Google trap, and left after wasting 5 seconds of her time and about 10kb of her bandwidth.

What she might not know is that she left a Search engine footprint that entertained a tired, lonely blogger who should have been in bed an hour ago.


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