Tags and Traffic experiment – 16hr mark

16 hours later, the morning after the Tag and Traffic experiment for North Americans, which I suspect is the major audience of WordPress blogs.

First, there is a dramatic 60-fold increase in the total traffic to my blog (See Figure)Figure 1.(lol, that sounds so much better than saying I went from 1 visit to 60)

But there has been no more traffic from the tag portal since the 2hr mark: 2 for Life, 1 for Politics, 1 for Blogging. I found a small flaw in the experimental design though, because there are three entries from me that are tagged with “blogging” along with the experimental post, and that traffic result may be “tainted”.

The decline in traffic from the Politics and Life tag portals suggests that most people read posts that are earlier in the pages, meaning they are more recently added. Few people read posts beyond page 2.

The lack of traffic from the lower ranking tags such as Christianity and Hip-hop suggest that people don’t even look for posts from the tag portal for these tags. For these topics, I suspect that people would visit their regulars instead of looking for new blogs, whereas people would look for new blogs for Politics to find supporters or enemies, and Life to read other people’s stories.

In terms of generating traffic, only Baking soda has one new visitor since the 2hr mark; that ties with Ecology, Politics at 1 visitor, and closely follows Life at 2 visitors.

This suggests that specific, obscure tags receive visits from a source different from the popular tags, and everything in the middle does not receive much visit at all.

P.S. Now that the posts on the tag portals are flushed to obscurity, I expect future traffic to these experimental posts would be from other sources.

P.P.S. If the total traffic to my experimental posts add up to only 6, where are all the visits from? Well, turns out I couldn’t resist telling a few friends about this blog, and I suspect they would account for much of the traffic. I sort of cheated and used a temporary homepage too, and people need to click on an extra link to get to my blog, and that also count as page views. And of course, the experiment itself attracts more traffic than any other posts.


2 thoughts on “Tags and Traffic experiment – 16hr mark

  1. LOL 60-fold increase… sounds very impressive indeed XD
    nice analysis and conclusion!!
    any further research directions suggested? lol (ok… enough nerdiness here hahaha)

    oohhh by the way billy i think your Language Switch links on the sidebar needs to be fixed, because if i’m in some post (like this one right here) and I click on the English/中文 links, a 404 is returned. I suggest using absolute path (https://zeroratio.wordpress.com/category/english/) instead of relative path (/category/english)?

  2. 小N, yeah… it’s incredible. By the end of that day, I got 78 views. But the day after that I got 2. So I think this blogging business is just very volatile in general.
    Next research? Well, you need to stay tuned to the blog to find out :)!
    Thanks for the paths… I meant to fix it, but got lazy. Now it should be fixed.

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